6A.1 Boundaries.

The boundaries shall be those prescribed on that certain map entitled "Drainage Basin Hydraulic Data for Pennsylvania Avenue Storm Drain System" and dated February 17, 1961, which is hereby made a part of this chapter by reference and all additional areas where it has been found that the contours of the land have been altered to allow the storm water to drain into the area described in the above map. (Ord. No. 61-10, § 1.)

6A.2 Drainage fund established.

There is hereby established a North Pennsylvania Avenue drainage fund. There shall be paid by developers of property within the described district a fee of one hundred dollars per lot or four hundred fifty dollars per acre, whichever is greater. This fee shall be payable into the drainage fund prior to filing of a final subdivision map, issuance of a building permit or construction of buildings on the premises, whichever occurs first. (Ord. No. 61-10, § 1.)

6A.3 Construction of facilities.

Facilities for the drainage system shall be construed concurrently with the improvement of the properties adjoining thereto. Property owners adjacent to the facilities will be required to install the required facilities and contribute the cost equal to one forty eighth inch pipe, for the length of their property paralleling the facility. Additional costs shall be reimbursed from the drainage fund. (Ord. No. 61-10, § 1.)