6B.1 Purpose and intent.

The public interest, health and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants require:

(a)    That construction of sanitary sewers, water and storm drainage facilities and street improvements (such as paving, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, street lights, traffic signals and landscaping) take place at such time as there are occupied lands to be served thereby;

(b)    That when such facilities are constructed, such shall be so sized and located as to be or become an integral part of the planned sewer, water, storm drainage and street systems of the city;

(c)    That such construction and such sizing and location shall not be delayed until all lands ultimately to be served by such facilities are occupied;

(d)    That, therefore, the owners of only a portion of the lands to be served by such facilities sometimes pay the entire costs of such facilities, notwithstanding that a proportionate share of such costs should be borne by other lands that will in the future be served by such facilities;

(e)    That the City of Fairfield implement Government Code §66485 relating to reimbursement agreements by adopting this Chapter 6B.

Accordingly, under such circumstances, the city has heretofore entered, and intends hereafter to enter, into agreements providing for the collection from the owners of such other lands of their proportionate share of the costs of such facilities attributable to such other lands, and reimbursement from amounts so collected to city and/or the owners of land who originally paid the entire costs of such facilities. The charges established in section 6B.2 are intended to provide for such collection and reimbursement. (Ord. No. 94-20, § 1.)

6B.2 Special charges Established; when payable.

In addition to all other charges established by the ordinances, rules and regulations of the city, there are hereby established, with respect to the facilities specified in section 6B.3, special charges in amounts determined pursuant to section 6B.4, payable by the owners of certain lands, as determined pursuant to section 6B.5, prior to filing of a final subdivision map, issuance of a building permit, connection to a sanitary sewer, water or storm drainage facilities, or occupation of buildings, whichever first occurs with respect to such lands or buildings located or to be located thereon. (Ord. No. 74-21, § 1.)

6B.3 Same Facilities to which applicable.

The facilities to which the special charges are applicable shall be those described in each of the reimbursement agreements identified in section 6B.6. (Ord. No. 74-21, § 1.)

6B.4 Same Amounts.

For each of the facilities described in the reimbursement agreements identified in section 6B.6, respectively, the special charges shall be in the amounts provided in, or determined in accordance with, the provisions of such reimbursement agreements, respectively. The provisions of such reimbursement agreements shall include that an amount attributable to interest shall be collected at the time of payment. (Ord. No. 94-20, § 2.)

6B.5 Same Lands to which applicable.

The special charges for each of the facilities described in the reimbursement agreements identified in section 6B.6, respectively, shall be payable by the owners of the lands described, or within the area described in such reimbursement agreements, respectively. (Ord. No. 74-21, § 1.)

6B.6 Identification of reimbursement agreements.

The reimbursement agreements referred to in this chapter, each of which is on file in the office of the city engineer (marked with one of the numbers set forth below in the left-hand column and bearing the date set forth opposite such number) and hereby made a part of this chapter by reference, are as follows:



Water main

Enterprise Drive to Sleepy Hollow



Water and sewer mains

Tabor Avenue and Walters Road



Water main

Illinois Street



Street improvements, sewer and water

Heath Drive



Street improvements, water, sewer, storm drain

Beck Avenue



Street construction, underground conversion and storm drain

Gregory Street and Woolner Avenue



Sewer and water main, street improvements, storm drain and facilities

Pacific Avenue and Heath Drive



Water lines and sewer laterals

Huntington Drive



Water main

Cement Hill Road



Storm drain and street improvements

Kentucky and Jefferson Streets



Water main

Under I 80/Terminal Station



Water main

Cement Hill Road



Street construction, water, frontage curb, gutter, sidewalk, and sewer lateral, water service, fire line, underground, fence, utilities.

Oliver Road



Street construction, curb, gutter and sidewalk

Alaska Avenue



Street construction, underground, water, sewer, storm drain and sidewalk

Cement Hill Road



Utility undergrounding

Oliver Road



Street improvements (widening)

Sunset Avenue



Excavation, street construction, underground utilities construction, and construction of curb, gutter, sidewalk and driveway

Alaska Avenue



Excavation, street construction, underground utilities construction, and construction of curb, gutter, sidewalk and driveway

Sunset Avenue

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