Chapter 2.50


2.50.010    Intent.

2.50.020    Public participation opportunity.

2.50.030    Public Participation Day.

2.50.040    Access to city information.

2.50.010 Intent.

A.    The intent of this chapter is to encourage broad, informed public participation in civic affairs through effective communication between the city and its residents and to require that the city on an ongoing basis explore opportunities to provide clear lines of communication between the city and its residents. It is intended that this chapter fulfill the requirements of Section 2.09 of the Folsom City Charter (Public Participation).

B.    In order to accomplish the intent of this chapter, the city shall establish public participation opportunities which:

1.    Encourage citizen participation to the greatest extent possible;

2.    Seek and encourage the advice and input from the public on matters relative to the city;

3.    Provide information to the public about matters relative to the city. (Ord. 734 § 1 (part), 1992)

2.50.020 Public participation opportunity.

A.    A public participation opportunity is defined to be an idea, activity, event, declaration or action which serves to encourage greater public participation in municipal affairs.

B.    All public participation opportunities submitted to the city shall be given full consideration. Public participation opportunities which do any or all of the following shall not be considered:

1.    Remove municipal authority from the city;

2.    Establish quasi-governmental bodies;

3.    Add secondary layers of bureaucracy;

4.    Contain provision known to violate state or federal laws or constitutions;

5.    Legislate mandatory public participation of residents.

C.    The Folsom city council may, at any time, in accordance with the law, hear and vote to implement a public participation opportunity which meets the intent of this chapter.

D.    All implemented public participation opportunities will be reviewed annually for their effectiveness in meeting the intent of this chapter. The results of this evaluation, as well as additional public participation opportunities suggested by the public, staff, elected Folsom officials, or their representatives, shall be reviewed and discussed annually during a public city council meeting following the established Public Participation Day. (Ord. 870 § 2 (part), 1997)

2.50.030 Public Participation Day.

The city shall designate at least four months in advance an annual event as Public Participation Day and use this day as an opportunity to encourage greater participation in municipal affairs. (Ord. 870 § 2 (part), 1997)

2.50.040 Access to city information.

A.    The city manager, in conjunction with the city clerk, shall establish a system by which interested parties, organizations, or individuals may obtain, in a timely fashion, information generated by or for the city and generally available to the public.

B.    This information shall be provided at a minimal cost, set only to offset any printing or delivery charges.

C.    All information materials available to the public shall be accessible for review, free of charge, at the Folsom Public Library.

D.    Organizations wishing to act as a clearinghouse of city information may register with the city manager after arranging long-term agreements which satisfy subsection B of this section. Duly registered organizations and the Folsom Public Library will be identified by the city as reference locations for public information.

E.    Registered organizations shall be entitled to receive all public information provided to members of the city council or to members of any city board or commission. However, the term “public information” shall not include confidential communications between the city and its attorney, nor to any written communications, reports, analyses and information provided to the city council in connection with any matter which is properly the subject of a closed session of the city council. Public information shall include, but not be limited to, preliminary and regular agendas, proposed ordinances and resolutions, staff and consultant reports, analyses and background information. Other items which may be released include the following:

1.    The cover sheet of an application for planning commission/historical committee action;

2.    The notice of preparation of an environmental impact report and the notice of exemption from the California Environmental Quality Act;

3.    The proposed budget and budget message, the budget adopted by the city council, notice of proposals to make a supplemental or emergency appropriation, notice of appropriation reductions, notice of transfer of moneys, a copy of the capital improvement plan and budget, a copy of the quarterly financial statement, and the audit report;

4.    Notice that the city is considering the granting of a franchise.

F.    Upon written request by a citizen or organization about a matter pending before the city, written notice shall be provided within seventy-two hours prior to commencement of the hearing or agenda item at which it will be considered. If the matter is to be considered at a special meeting, twenty-four hours’ notice shall be given to the citizen or organization requesting the same. (Ord. 734 § 1 (part), 1992)