Chapter 8.04


8.04.010    Advisory board defined.

8.04.020    Food handling establishment defined.

8.04.030    Food or beverage defined.

8.04.040    Health officer defined.

8.04.050    Operator defined.

8.04.060    Person defined.

8.04.070    Public eating place defined.

8.04.080    Utensils defined.

8.04.090    Mobile food dispensing unit requirements.

8.04.100    Outdoor concession requirements.

8.04.110    Vending machine requirements.

8.04.120    Building permit requirements.

8.04.010 Advisory board defined.

“Advisory board” means the advisory board appointed pursuant to this title. (Prior code § 9406)

8.04.020 Food handling establishment defined.

“Food handling establishment” as referred to in this title means and includes every bakery, confectionery, cannery, packing house, slaughterhouse, grocery, meat market, vegetable or fruit stand, public eating place and every other place in the city used for the production, preparation for sale, manufacture, packing, storage, sale or distribution of any food or beverage. (Prior code § 9400)

8.04.030 Food or beverage defined.

“Food or beverage” includes all articles used for food, drink, confectionery or condiment, whether simple or compound, and all substances and ingredients used in the preparation thereof for human consumption. (Prior code § 9402)

8.04.040 Health officer defined.

“Health officer” means the health officer of the county, and his duly authorized agent, or such other person as from time to time is so designated by the city council. (Prior code § 9405)

8.04.050 Operator defined.

An “operator” and/or employee as used in this title means any person or owner engaged in the dispensing of, or assisting in the preparation of food or beverages, or any person otherwise employed in a food handling establishment. The term “owner” or “owners” as used herein means those persons, partnerships or corporations who are financially interested in the operation of a food handling establishment. (Prior code § 9403)

8.04.060 Person defined.

“Person” means any individual, firm, copartnership, joint venture, association or corporation and the plural as well as the singular. (Prior code § 9407)

8.04.070 Public eating place defined.

“Public eating place” means and includes every restaurant, public school and private school lunch room, soda fountain, buffet, grill room, lunch counter, sandwich stand, dining room, coffee shop, public boarding house, hotel, club, tavern, cocktail lounge, veterans club, cafeteria operated by any political subdivision, and every other place where food or beverage is prepared or sold, to be consumed on the premises, and all kitchens, commissaries, and other rooms appurtenant thereto or connected therewith. (Prior code § 9401)

8.04.080 Utensils defined.

“Utensils” includes kitchenware, tableware, glassware, cutlery, containers, machinery, implements, receptacles, or other equipment used for the storage, preparation, distribution, or serving of food or drink. (Prior code § 9404)

8.04.090 Mobile food dispensing unit requirements.

Mobile food dispensing units, catering trucks, food peddling vehicles of all types, and other similar type movable units in which food or beverage is sold, offered for sale, or dispensed to the general public from a parked vehicle within the city shall conform with this title. (Prior code § 9408)

8.04.100 Outdoor concession requirements.

All outdoor concessions and itinerant public eating places established on fair grounds, carnivals, fiestas, and other celebrations within the city shall conform with this title. (Prior code § 9409)

8.04.110 Vending machine requirements.

Food and beverage vending machines and their operation shall be regulated in accordance with this title. (Prior code § 9410)

8.04.120 Building permit requirements.

No building permit shall be issued for the construction or alteration of a building intended for a food handling establishment until the plans have been reviewed and approved by the health officer, or his duly authorized agent charged with the enforcement of the provisions of this title. (Prior code § 9411)