Article 6
Site Development Regulations

Chapter 17.60    Grading Permit Requirements and Procedures

17.60.010    Title and Purpose

17.60.020    Applicability of Grading Regulations

17.60.030    Grading Permit Requirements

17.60.040    Grading Permit Application Filing and Processing

17.60.050    Grading Permit Approval and Issuance

17.60.060    Grading Permit Time Limits and Extensions

17.60.070    Security for Performance

17.60.080    Grading Operations and Inspections

17.60.090    Completion of Work

Chapter 17.62    Grading, Erosion, and Sediment Control Standards

17.62.010    Purpose and Applicability

17.62.020    Dust Prevention and Control

17.62.030    Erosion, Sediment, and Other Construction Pollution Control

17.62.040    Excavations and Fills

17.62.050    Grading During the Rainy Season

17.62.060    Removal of Native Vegetation

17.62.070    Revegetation and Slope Surface Stabilization

17.62.080    Protection of Watercourses

17.62.090    Setbacks for Cut and Fill Slopes

17.62.100    Storm Drainage and Runoff

Chapter 17.64    Stormwater Runoff Pollution Control

17.64.010    Purpose

17.64.020    Stormwater Runoff Water Quality and Discharge Management

17.64.030    Site Development and Maintenance Standards

17.64.040    Stormwater Runoff Mitigation Plan Requirements

17.64.045    Developments of Special Water Quality Concern

17.64.050    Drainage Structure Stenciling

17.64.060    Pollution Prevention Agreements

17.64.070    Post-Construction Best Management Practices

BMP Implementation Tables