2.08.010    Duties generally

2.08.020    Salary

2.08.030    Appointment

2.08.040    Bond

Statutory reference:

The position of City Clerk, see Cal. Government Code §§ 36501 and 40801 et seq.

The provision stating that the compensation of the Clerk shall be fixed by ordinance or resolution, see Cal. Government Code § 36517


The City Clerk shall perform all of the duties imposed upon him or her as required by law excepting only those duties which have been transferred by ordinance to the Director of Finance.

(Ord. 496, § 2, passed -- 1978)

2.08.020 SALARY.

The salary of the City Clerk shall be set by the City Council by resolution as authorized by Cal. Government Code § 36517. The City Clerk’s salary may be amended from time to time by subsequent resolution.

(Ord. 497, § 2, passed -- 1978)


On 4-8-1980, the voters of the City passed Measure B, making the position of City Clerk appointive rather than elective. Pursuant to Cal. Government Code § 36510, the City Council shall appoint the City Clerk to serve at the pleasure of the City Council. It is not required that the City Clerk be a resident or an elector of the City.

(Ord. 534, § 2, passed -- 1980)

2.08.040 BOND.

Pursuant to Cal. Government Code § 36518, the City Clerk shall execute a bond to the City in an amount to be fixed by the City Council.

(Ord. 534, § 3, passed -- 1980)