2.20.010    Planning Commission - created

2.20.020    Composition and appointment of members

2.20.030    Qualifications of members

2.20.040    Vacancies

2.20.050    Chair and Vice Chair

2.20.060    Meetings - maintaining public record

2.20.070    Powers and duties generally

2.20.080    Absence from meetings

2.20.090    Powers

2.20.100    Rules

2.20.110    Precise plans

2.20.120    Subdivisions

2.20.130    Zoning

2.20.140    Appeals

Editor’s note:

Amendments that are not ordinance specific have been made in Titles 2, 17, and 18 to reflect the creation of a Planning Commission. Authority is pursuant to Cal. Government Code §§ 65100 et seq. and Fort Bragg Municipal Ordinance 740.


There is created a Planning Commission which shall function as an advisory body to the City Council, and perform any other functions and duties as set forth in this chapter.

(Ord. 740, § 1, passed -- 1992)


A.    There shall be five (5) members of the Planning Commission appointed by the City Council. Each member of the City Council may submit the name of a resident of the City as a nominee for a seat on the Planning Commission. The City Council as a whole shall vote to appoint the nominee, the appointment requiring the affirmative vote of at least three (3) City Councilmembers.

B.    Planning Commission members shall be seated for a potential term coinciding with that of the nominating City Councilmember, provided, however, that the commissioners serve at the will of the City Council. The City Council may remove any Planning Commission at any time through the affirmative vote of at least four (4) of the City Councilmembers.

(Ord. 740, § 1, passed -- 1992; Am. Ord. 805, § 1A, passed -- 1997)


Each member of the Planning Commission shall be a registered voter of the City at the time of his or her appointment and during his or her incumbency.

(Ord. 740, § 1, passed -- 1992)

2.20.040 VACANCIES.

Should a vacancy occur on the Planning Commission and the seat remains vacant for a period of 30 days without being filled by appointment for any reason, the Mayor shall have the authority to fill the vacancy subject to majority of City Council concurrence of the appointment.

(Ord. 740, § 1, passed -- 1992; Am. Ord. 805, § 1B, passed -- 1997)


The Planning Commission shall select one (1) of its members as Chair and one (1) member as Vice Chair of the Commission. In case of the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall act as the Chair.

(Ord. 740, § 1, passed -- 1992)


The Planning Commission shall meet at least once a month at the time and place as it may fix by resolution, and shall cause a record to be kept of all of its proceedings, which record shall be a public record. Staff shall be the body utilized by the Commission to cause the record to be made.

(Ord. 740, § 1, passed -- 1992)


The Planning Commission shall direct staff to prepare a comprehensive, long-term general plan for the physical development of the City and of any land outside its boundaries which in the Planning Commission’s judgment bears relation to its planning. This plan shall be referred to as the general plan and shall be officially certified as the general plan of the City upon its adoption by the Planning Commission and the City Council. The general plan shall be comprised of all mandatory elements set forth in the. Government Code and any other elements the Planning Commission or City Council may designate. Amendments shall be conducted pursuant to the. Government Code. The Planning Commission shall also recommend to the City Council zoning district changes and shall be the administrative body for conditional use permits and variances, subject to City Council review. It shall also perform the duties and functions which the City Council shall designate to it by ordinance or resolution.

(Ord. 875, § 10, passed 8-25-2008)


In the event a member of the Commission does not attend meetings for a period of 60 days, unless excused for cause by the Chairperson of the Commission, the office of the member shall be deemed to be vacant and the term of the member ipso facto terminated. The Secretary of the Commission shall immediately notify the Mayor of the termination.

(Ord. 740, § 1, passed -- 1992)

2.20.090 POWERS.

The Planning Commission shall have all powers, necessary and incidental, to enable it to carry out its duties per Cal. Government Code §§65000 et seq.

(Ord. 740, § 1, passed -- 1992)

2.20.100 RULES.

The Commission shall have the power, by resolution, to adopt rules of procedure governing its meetings, its operation, its conduct of public hearings and the performance of its duties. The resolution, and all modifications thereof, shall be filed with the City Clerk.

(Ord. 740, § 1, passed -- 1992)


The Planning Commission may and, if directed by the City Council, shall review precise plans based on the general plan, and recommend approval of such regulations, programs, and ordinances as may in its judgment be required for the systematic execution of the master plan, and the Planning Commission may recommend such plans and ordinances to the City Council for adoption. The scope of such precise plans, their adoption and administration shall be governed by the provisions of Cal. Government Code §§65000 et seq.

(Ord. 875, § 11, passed 8-25-2008)


The Planning Commission shall advise and recommend to the City Council the approval or disapproval or modification of all maps or plats of land subdivisions.

(Ord. 740, § 1, passed -- 1992)

2.20.130 ZONING.

The Planning Commission shall have the powers and perform the duties with respect to the adoption or administration of zoning regulations as are specified in Cal. Government Code §§65000 et seq. In this respect, the Planning Commission shall operate as a board of zoning adjustment.

(Ord. 740, § 1, passed -- 1992)

2.20.140 APPEALS.

Appeals for actions of the Planning Commission shall be in accordance with Title 18 of the Fort Bragg Municipal Code.

(Ord. 740, § 1, passed -- 1992)