10.52.010    Purpose

10.52.020    Acquisition

10.52.030    Regulations

10.52.040    Obedience to time restriction

10.52.050    Parking within parallel lines

10.52.060    Administration

10.52.070    Violation - penalty

10.52.010 PURPOSE.

This chapter is adopted to achieve, among others, the following purposes, and the provisions hereof are to be interpreted in order to accomplish those purposes:

A.    To establish public parking lots within the City;

B.    To provide for the administration and supervision of the public parking lots;

C.    To regulate the public parking lots to provide parking for limited or unlimited periods of time, as appropriate; and

D.    To provide penalties for violation of the regulations established pursuant to this chapter.

(Ord. 411, § 1, passed -- 1972)

10.52.020 ACQUISITION.

The City may acquire property from time to time upon resolution of the City Council for the purpose of establishing public parking lots, by lease on forms approved by the City Council, by purchase or as otherwise provided by law, and shall establish public parking lots thereon.

(Ord. 411, § 2, passed -- 1972)

10.52.030 REGULATIONS.

The City Council may, from time to time, adopt resolutions to accomplish the following:

A.    To acquire, by lease, purchase, or otherwise, parcels of property for use as public parking lots;

B.    To regulate the manner and length of time that vehicles may remain on public parking lots;

C.    To provide for maintenance for the lots;

D.    To provide for the employment of a parking enforcement officer or officers whose duties shall be to enforce the parking regulations on public parking lots, and any other duties as may be prescribed by the resolutions; and

E.    To administer funds derived from fines for violation of regulations applicable to public parking lots.

(Ord. 411, § 3, passed -- 1972)


Whenever the City Council, by resolution, has restricted and limited the time and/or purpose of parking on any public parking lot of the City, and official signs or markings indicating the limitations have been erected or installed, it is unlawful for the driver of any vehicle to park the vehicle on any such lot for a time longer or for a purpose other than is indicated on the sign or marking.

(Ord. 411, § 4, passed -- 1972)


Whenever the City Council determines that on any public parking lot of the City it is desirable that vehicles should be parked by placing thereon parallel white lines upon the surface of the parking lots or portions thereof, it is unlawful for any person to stop, stand, or park any vehicle except between, at the angle indicated by, and parallel to, both adjacent white lines.

(Ord. 411, § 5, passed -- 1972)


The administration of public parking lots pursuant to this chapter shall be vested in the Director of Public Works or City Engineer. The Director of Public Works or City Engineer is authorized and required to provide, erect and install the appropriate signs giving notice of parking limitations prescribed by the City Council with respect to such lots.

(Ord. 873, § 24, passed 8-25-2008)


Any person violating any provision or regulation established under this chapter, including any time limitation for parking, or other regulation prescribed by the City Council by resolution hereunder, is guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punishable as provided in Chapter 1.12.

(Ord. 874, § 30, passed 8-25-2008)