12.04.010    Compliance required

12.04.020    Permit - required

12.04.030    Permit - application

12.04.040    Permit - regulations conformance required for issuance

12.04.050    Permit - display

12.04.150    State statutes adopted

12.04.170    Repairs and replacements - state statutes adopted

12.04.180    Amendments

Editor’s note:

Prior ordinance history: Ord. 441.


A.    Whenever the public convenience and necessity, the applicable laws of the State and ordinances of the City require a property owner to install a curb, gutter and sidewalk, or either one, the property owner shall comply with the procedures set forth in this chapter.

B.    Whenever any person wishes to install a curb, gutter and sidewalk, or either one, whether required by the City Council or not, the person shall comply with the procedures set forth in this chapter.

(Ord. 875, § 64, passed 8-25-2008)

12.04.020 PERMIT - REQUIRED.

It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to construct, or cause to be constructed or repaired, in the City, any sidewalk, driveway, driveway approach, gutter or curb without first obtaining a permit from the City Engineering Department.

(Ord. 875, § 65, passed 8-25-2008)


Any person desiring a permit for the construction or repair of a sidewalk, driveway, driveway approach or curb and gutter, shall file with the City Engineering Department an application therefor, in writing, on a form to be furnished by the City for that purpose. Such form shall specify the following:

A.    Name and residence of applicant;

B.    Location of property in front of which the proposed construction or repair is to be made;

C.    Name of person, firm or corporation who will perform the work;

D.    The nature and dimension of the proposed work;

E.    Such additional information as shall be required by the Public Works Superintendent.

(Ord. 875, § 66, passed 8-25-2008)


No permit issued under this chapter shall be in conflict with the following regulations:

A.    All sidewalk, driveway, driveway approach or curb and gutter work shall be done under the general direction and supervision and to the satisfaction of the Public Works Superintendent and the City Engineering Department, and must be constructed in accordance with the standard plan and specifications as approved by the City Council;

B.    All prepared subgrades and surfaces shall be inspected and approved by the City before any work has been done;

C.    All such work shall be of materials as shall be specified by the City Engineering Department;

D.    All debris and surplus material shall be removed promptly upon completion of the work;

E.    The applicant shall maintain the premises in a safe manner, and shall provide adequate barricades and lights at his or her own expense, to protect the safety of the public using the adjacent streets or sidewalks, and shall hold the City free from any damages incurred by his or her operations.

(Ord. 875, § 67, passed 8-25-2008)

12.04.050 PERMIT - DISPLAY.

All persons who apply and receive the permit shall at all times keep the permit posted in a conspicuous place near the work.

(Ord. 612, (part), passed -- 1983)


The provisions of Cal. Streets and Highways Code §§ 5875 through 5895, inclusive, as they now exist or may hereafter be amended, are adopted as the procedure governing the construction of curbs and sidewalks in the City, and incorporated herein as fully as if set out herein at length.

(Ord. 612, (part), passed -- 1983)


By reference hereto, the following shall be incorporated herein regarding repairs: Cal. Streets and Highways Code §§ 5610 through 5618, 5625, and 5626, as amended or superseded from time to time.

(Ord. 612, (part), passed -- 1983)

12.04.180 AMENDMENTS.

The City Council may, upon written application of any person affected by this chapter, or upon the City Council’s own motion, alter, amend, or vary any of the terms or provisions of this chapter when it is determined, by the Council by a majority vote, that the special nature or circumstances pertaining to any applicant shall make it reasonable to cause the curb and sidewalk to be constructed in a different manner, with different equipment, or with different materials than those set forth herein.

(Ord. 612, (part), passed -- 1983)