15.05.010    Edition adopted

15.05.020    Application of chapter

15.05.030    Appeals


This chapter refers to and incorporates herein, as modified and amended from time to time, in their entirety, the following documents and materials:

A.    The California Fire Code, California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Part 9, 2016 Edition, and its appendices, subject to amendments, changes or modifications as set forth in this chapter, or otherwise in the Fort Bragg Municipal Code. This chapter shall be known as the “Fort Bragg Fire Code” and shall be referred to in this chapter as “this code.”

B.    Where no applicable standards or requirements are set forth in the above-mentioned code, or contained within other laws, codes, regulations or ordinances adopted by the City, compliance with applicable standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) or other nationally recognized fire safety standards as are approved shall be deemed as prima facie evidence of compliance with the intent of this chapter.

C.    A copy of the code referenced above, in its latest form, is on file in the office of the Fire Chief.

(Ord. 933, § 3, passed 09-25-2017)


This chapter shall apply to all buildings, structures, areas, and occupancies within the City of Fort Bragg. Pursuant to Cal. Health and Safety Code §§ 13145 and 13146, the Fire Chief, or his or her authorized representative, shall enforce the provisions of this chapter and all other building standards and regulations relating to fire and panic safety that have been formally adopted by the State Fire Marshal for the prevention of fire and for the protection of life and property against fire or panic.

(Ord. 933, § 3, passed 09-25-2017)

15.05.030 APPEALS.

Whenever the Fire Chief or his or her authorized representative refuses to grant a permit applied for, or when it is claimed that certain provisions of the International Fire Code, the California Fire Code and/or Fort Bragg Municipal Code do not apply, the applicant may appeal the decisions to the Fire Appeals Board no later than 15 days of the refusal or claim. The Fire Appeals Board shall be appointed by the Fort Bragg Fire Protection Authority.

(Ord. 933, § 3, passed 09-25-2017)