Chapter 10.52


10.52.010    Findings.

10.52.020    Establishing speed zones.

10.52.010 Findings.

The California Vehicle Code (Section 22352) establishes a “prima facie” speed limit of 25 miles per hour “on any highway other than a state highway, in any business or residence district unless a different speed is determined by local authority under procedures set forth in this code.” The Vehicle Code authorizes local jurisdictions to increase or decrease the prima facie speed limits based upon an Engineering and Traffic Survey when it will “facilitate the orderly movement of vehicular traffic and would be reasonable and safe upon any street other than a state highway,” provided the local jurisdiction has adopted an ordinance to that effect. (Ord. 11-689 § 2; Ord. 2003-639 § 1; Ord. 97-608 § 1; Ord. 97-605 § 1; Ord. 79-419 § 1).

10.52.020 Establishing speed zones.

Whenever the city traffic engineer determines and recommends, upon the basis of an engineering and traffic survey, that a speed greater or less than the prima facie or maximum speed limit otherwise established by the California Vehicle Code is reasonable and safe upon any local street, the city council may, by resolution, increase or decrease speed limits in accordance with Sections 32, 22357, 22358 and 22358.3 of the California Vehicle Code, or other authorization of general state law. Prima facie or maximum speed limits established pursuant to this chapter shall be effective when appropriate signs giving notice thereof are erected upon the affected street. (Ord. 11-689 § 2; Ord. 2003-639 § 1; Ord. 97-608 § 1; Ord. 97-605 § 1; Ord. 79-419 § 2).