Chapter 16.08


16.08.010    Tentative maps.

16.08.020    Statement to accompany a tentative map.

16.08.030    Requirements for tentative maps preceding parcel maps.

16.08.040    Requirements for tentative maps preceding final maps.

16.08.050    Final maps.

16.08.060    Parcel maps.

16.08.070    Expiration of tentative map approval.

16.08.080    Errors.

16.08.090    Map processing fee.

*    For statutory provisions on tentative maps, see Government Code § 66425 et seq. and § 66452 et seq. For statutory provisions on final subdivision maps, see Government Code § 66433 et seq.; for provisions on the procedural aspects of final maps, see Government Code § 66456 et seq.

16.08.010 Tentative maps.

A. Tentative maps shall be filed with the advisory agency for all subdivisions and shall be processed in accordance with the Subdivision Map Act, the provisions of the general plan of the city, the provisions of this title and the environmental evaluation requirements specified by ordinance.

B. The subdivider shall file as many copies of the tentative map and environmental documents as may be required by the planning commission. All maps shall be 18 inches by 26 inches. Tentative maps may be smaller if this size requirement is waived by the public works director. Tentative maps shall include the information listed in FMC 16.08.020, 16.08.030 and 16.08.040. (Ord. 79-426 § 4.01).

16.08.020 Statement to accompany a tentative map.

A statement to accompany a tentative map shall contain the following information:

A. Existing use of property;

B. Proposed use of property;

C. Statement of the improvements and public utilities, including water supply and sewage disposal, proposed to be made or installed and the time at which such improvements are proposed to be complete;

D. Public areas proposed, if any;

E. Proposed tree planting and landscaping, if any;

F. Restrictive covenants proposed, if any;

G. Justification and reasons for any exceptions to provisions of this chapter;

H. A copy of the preliminary subdivision title report or legal property description showing all encumbrances;

I. A preliminary soils report unless specifically waived. See FMC 16.44.010;

J. Any other information requested by the planning commission. (Ord. 79-426 § 4.01).

16.08.030 Requirements for tentative maps preceding parcel maps.

The requirements for tentative maps preceding parcel maps are:

A. Map is legible and is accurately drawn with all identifying information supplied;

B. All structures are shown and dimensioned and their locations in relation to existing or proposed streets and lot lines;

C. Septic tank and drainfield are shown;

D. Well location or water resource shown;

E. All lot lines are dimensioned and shall show approximate area of parcel;

F. All lots are numbered;

G. All easements are shown;

H. All abutting streets are shown with correct width and names;

I. Projected right-of-way lines as specified by the master road plan currently in effect or adopted in the future are shown;

J. Any bodies of water, watercourses or drainage ways existing or proposed to exist are shown;

K. Existing use of property indicated;

L. Names of all abutting property owners are shown;

M. North arrow shown;

N. Title block completed:

O. Vicinity map shown;

P. Zoning of property;

Q. Minimum lot size required;

R. Minimum lot width required;

S. Minimum road frontage required;

T. Minimum front yard setback required;

U. Minimum side yard setback required;

V. Any other information required by the planning commission. (Ord. 79-426 § 4.01).

16.08.040 Requirements for tentative maps preceding final maps.

The requirements for tentative maps preceding final maps are:

A. The date, north point, scale and sufficient description to define the location and boundaries of the proposed subdivision;

B. Name and address of recorded owner of such property;

C. Name and address of the subdivider;

D. Name, business address and number of the registered civil engineer, or licensed surveyor, who prepared the map;

E. Elevations or contours at intervals of five feet to determine slope of the land and the high and low points thereof; provided, that the city engineer may require additional contours;

F. The locations, names, and widths of all roads, streets, highways, and ways in the proposed subdivision and along the boundaries thereof;

G. The approximate locations and character of all existing or proposed sanitary sewers and storm drains in such subdivision or on the adjoining and contiguous highways, streets and ways of such subdivision;

H. The approximate widths, location and purpose of all existing or proposed easements contiguous to the proposed subdivision;

I. Approximate lot layout, approximate dimensions, and approximate area of each parcel;

J. The outline of any existing buildings to remain in place and their locations in relation to existing or proposed street and lot lines;

K. Approximate location of all areas subject to inundation or storm water overflow and the location, width, and direction of flow of all watercourses, including estimates of the area drained and volume of water draining into area to be subdivided;

L. Typical street sections and details thereof, if required;

M. The area, lots or lot proposed for each type of use if property is proposed to be used for more than one purpose;

N. Water system requirements and details thereof, if required;

O. Any other specific improvement requirements for the implementation of the subdivision;

P. Any other information required by the planning commission. (Ord. 79-429 § 4.01).

16.08.050 Final maps.

Final maps, and procedures in connection therewith, shall conform to the Subdivision Map Act, Section 66433 et seq., and ordinances of the city. (Ord. 79-426 § 4.02).

16.08.060 Parcel maps.

A. A parcel map conforming with the Subdivision Map Act, Section 66444 et seq., and the ordinances of the city, and copies thereof as specified by the planning commission, shall be filed and recorded for any subdivision for which a final map is not required by the Subdivision Map Act, with the exception noted in Section 66428 of the Subdivision Map Act.

B. If dedications and/or offers or irrevocable offers of dedications in connection with parcel maps are required, they shall be made by certificate on the parcel map and/or separate instrument, if required.

C. A parcel map shall be based upon a field survey made in conformity with the Land Surveyors Act. (Ord. 79-426 § 4.03).

16.08.070 Expiration of tentative map approval.

A. Expiration. The approval or conditional approval of a tentative map shall expire two years from the date the map was approved or conditionally approved.

B. Extension. The person filing the tentative map may request an extension of the tentative map approval or conditional approval by written application to the planning commission, such application to be filed at least 30 days before the approval or conditional approval is due to expire. The application shall state the reasons for requesting the extension.

C. Time Limit on Extensions. An extension or extensions of tentative map approval or conditional approval shall not exceed an additional 18 months.

D. Effect of Map Modification on Extension. Modification of a tentative map after approval or conditional approval shall not extend the time limits imposed by this section. (Ord. 90-552 § 1; Ord. 79-426 § 4.04).

16.08.080 Errors.

The authorized advisory agency may waive the provisions in Section 66473 of the Subdivision Map Act when the failure of the map is the result of a technical and inadvertent error which in the determination of the advisory agency, does not materially affect the validity of the map. (Ord. 79-426 § 4.05).

16.08.090 Map processing fee.

Every person submitting a tentative, parcel, or final map, or petition for reversion to acreage, shall pay a processing fee in an amount prescribed by resolution of the city council. (Ord. 79-426 § 4.06).