Chapter 16.24


16.24.010    Requirements.

16.24.020    Street access waiver.

16.24.030    Park and recreation dedication requirements.

16.24.010 Requirements.

As a condition of approval of a map, the subdivider shall dedicate or make an irrevocable offer of dedication of all parcels of land within the subdivision that are needed for streets, alleys, including access rights and abutters’ rights, drainage, public utility easements, and other public easements including, but not limited to, access to public natural resources pursuant to Section 66478.1 et seq., of the Subdivision Map Act. (Ord. 79-426 § 8.01).

16.24.020 Street access waiver.

The advisory agency may impose a requirement that any dedication or offer of dedication of a street shall include a waiver of direct vehicular access rights to such street from any property shown on a final or parcel map as abutting thereon, and that if the dedication is accepted, such waiver shall become effective in accordance with its provisions. (Ord. 79-426 § 8.02).

16.24.030 Park and recreation dedication requirements.

As a condition of approval of a final map or parcel map, the subdivider may be required to dedicate land, pay a fee in lieu thereof, or both, at the option of the city, for park or recreational purposes pursuant to the authority granted by Section 66477 of the Government Code. The park and recreational facilities for which dedication of land and/or payment of a fee is required shall be in accordance with the recreational element of the general plan of the city. The amount of land dedicated or fees required shall be specified by the park land dedication and fee ordinance approved by the city council. (Ord. 79-426 § 8.03).