Chapter 16.44


16.44.010    Soil reports.

16.44.020    Grading and erosion control.

16.44.030    Environmental impact.

16.44.010 Soil reports.

A. A preliminary soils report, prepared by a civil engineer registered in this state and based upon adequate test borings shall be submitted to the director of public works for all subdivisions.

B. A preliminary soils report may be waived by the director of public works if that person determines that due to the knowledge the city has as to the soils qualities of the soils in the subdivision, no preliminary analysis is necessary.

C. If the public works director has knowledge of, or the preliminary report indicates, the presence of critically expansive soils or other soils problems which, if not corrected, would lead to structural defects, a soils investigation of each lot in the subdivision may be required by the director of public works. Such soils investigations shall be done by a civil engineer registered in this state, who shall recommend the corrective action which is likely to prevent structural damage to each structure proposed to be constructed in the area where such soils problems exist.

D. The planning commission may approve the subdivision or portion thereof, where such soils problems exist, if it determines that the recommended action is likely to prevent structural damage to the structure to be constructed, and as a condition to the issuance of any building permit may require that the approved recommended action be incorporated in the construction of each structure. (Ord. 79-426 § 13.01).

16.44.020 Grading and erosion control.

Every map approved pursuant to this title shall be conditioned with the requirement for compliance with grading and erosion control measures, including the prevention of sedimentation and damage to off-site property, as set forth in the standard improvement specifications, or as specified by the city engineer. (Ord. 79-426 § 13.01).

16.44.030 Environmental impact.

No parcel or tentative map shall be approved until all environmental documents required by the city’s environmental evaluation guidelines have been prepared, processed, and considered. The subdivider shall provide any additional information and pay such fees as may be required for the preparation and processing of these environmental documents. (Ord. 79-426 § 13.03).