Chapter 16.56


16.56.010    Procedure.

16.56.020    Conditions.

16.56.030    Filing for a lot line adjustment.

16.56.010 Procedure.

A. For a lot line adjustment between two or more adjacent parcels, where land taken from one parcel is added to an adjacent parcel, and where a greater number of parcels than originally existed is not created, the following procedure shall apply:

1. The application shall be reviewed by the planning commission for a decision.

B. The planning commission may approve a lot line adjustment when it finds that:

1. The lot adjustment does not violate existing codes and policies;

2. The lot line adjustment will not create difficult or unreasonable access to parcels;

3. The lot line adjustment would not require variances to permit standard development;

4. Utilities and public services can be provided to the revised parcels.

C. If approved, the planning commission shall pass a resolution authorizing the lot line adjustment. (Ord. 79-426 § 16.01).

16.56.020 Conditions.

The planning commission may attach conditions to the lot line adjustment so that the adjustment may satisfy the city general plan and applicable city ordinances. (Ord. 79-426 § 16.02).

16.56.030 Filing for a lot line adjustment.

A. Any property owner requesting a lot line adjustment shall file with the city clerk a tentative map and such numbers of copies of the lot line adjustment map as required together with an application. The map shall be a minimum of eight and one-half by 11 inches in size unless a larger size is requested by city staff or the planning commission, and shall indicate the exterior boundaries, the existing lot lines, and the proposed adjustment of such lines at a scale of not less than one inch equals 100 feet.

B. The lot line adjustment map shall indicate all dimensions and courses of property lines, the assessor’s parcel numbers, the zoning of the property, the area of each existing parcel and the resultant area of the revised lots. The map shall contain a certification by the parties holding title to the property and the name of the person preparing the map. (Ord. 79-426 § 16.04).