Chapter 15.44


15.44.010    Title.

15.44.020    Adoption of the 2019 California Energy Code.

15.44.010 Title.

This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the “Fremont energy code” or “FEnC” and will be referred to in this chapter as “this code.” (Ord. 10-2019 § 9, 11-5-19.)

15.44.020 Adoption of the 2019 California Energy Code.

The 2019 Edition of the California Energy Code (CEnC) as published by the state of California is adopted without amendments as the energy code of the city of Fremont, California, as if fully set out in this chapter. A copy of the 2019 CEnC shall be maintained on file in the office of the city clerk. (Ord. 10-2019 § 9, 11-5-19.)