Chapter 15.65


15.65.010    Title.

15.65.020    Purpose.

15.65.030    Designation of very high fire hazard severity zones.

15.65.010 Title.

This chapter shall be known as the “wildland-urban interface ordinance.” (Ord. 33-2007 § 2, 12-4-07. 1990 Code § 7-13100.)

15.65.020 Purpose.

In enacting Ordinance 33-2007 creating the provisions of this chapter, the city of Fremont designates those areas within the city limits that the city council has determined are very high fire hazard severity zones (VHFHS zones) under Cal. Gov’t Code § 51179. These areas define the wildland-urban interface fire area for purposes of applying the building standards and other regulations contained in the California Building Standards Code as adopted and amended by the city of Fremont. This classification is necessary in order to allow the public officials of the city to identify measures that will retard the rate of spread, and reduce the potential intensity, of uncontrolled fires that threaten to destroy resources, life, or property. (Ord. 33-2007 § 3, 12-4-07. 1990 Code § 7-13101.)

15.65.030 Designation of very high fire hazard severity zones.

(a)    The designation, locations, and boundaries of the VHFHS zones in the city of Fremont as adopted by the city council are set forth on the map labeled “Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones in the City of Fremont,” attached as Exhibit A to Ordinance 33-2007, on file with the city clerk’s office.

(b)    The fire department shall maintain an official copy of the most current VHFHS zones map adopted by ordinance in its administrative offices for public inspection during regular business hours. (Ord. 33-2007 § 5, 12-4-07. 1990 Code § 7-13102.)