Chapter 18.140


18.140.010    Purpose.

18.140.020    Establishment and designation.

18.140.030    Prohibited uses.

18.140.040    Special provisions.

18.140.050    Accessory uses.

18.140.060    Notes applicable to Chapter 18.140.

18.140.010 Purpose.

The purpose of the (I) Irvington overlay district is to identify areas within central Irvington for which special urban design plans and development guidelines have been prepared. Development within this district is subject to the Irvington design guidelines contained within Chapter 4 of the Irvington concept plan. (Ord. 1867 § 7, 4-25-89; Ord. 2039 § 2, 7-27-93; Ord. 1-2005 § 1, 2-1-05. 1990 Code § 8-21880.)

18.140.020 Establishment and designation.

(a)    An (I) district may be established only in conjunction with commercial, industrial, mixed-use, or planned districts. An (I) Irvington overlay district designation shall be combined with whatever other district designation is applicable to the area in which the (I) district is established.

(b)    The provisions of this chapter shall apply in an (I) district, which district shall also be subject to other provisions applicable to the particular district to which the (I) district is added and combined; provided, that where a conflict between the regulations in this chapter and those in other provisions of this title occurs, the regulation in this chapter shall prevail.

(c)    (I) districts shall only be applied in areas covered by the Irvington design guidelines (Chapter 4 of the Irvington concept plan). (Ord. 1867 § 7, 4-25-89; Ord. 2039 § 3, 7-27-93; Ord. 1-2005 § 2, 2-1-05. 1990 Code § 8-21881.)

18.140.030 Prohibited uses.

(a)    Automobile dealers2 and gasoline service stations1, except auto and home supply stores.

(b)    Automotive repair and maintenance2.

(c)    Repair of large equipment, such as refrigeration equipment and washing machines, except as accessory to principal permitted retail sales.

(d)    Reupholstery and furniture repair2 as a principal permitted use. (Ord. 1867 § 7, 4-25-89; Ord. 2039 § 4, 7-27-93; Ord. 17-2016 § 22, 9-13-16. 1990 Code § 8-21882.)

18.140.040 Special provisions.

Notwithstanding other provisions of this title, the following standards are established:

(a)    Trees within parking areas shall be located in landscaped spaces located between parking spaces at intervals no greater than one tree every five parking spaces. Landscaped spaces where required trees are planted shall be at least six feet wide in every dimension with a minimum of 48 square feet of area and shall be free of inorganic material.

(b)    Signing on awnings allowed by this title shall be painted directly onto the awning material and shall be restricted to the lower one-third of the awning or awning valance.

(c)    Backlighting of transparent or translucent awnings is not allowed.

(d)    Awnings and signage may be placed in public right-of-way pursuant to Irvington guidelines as adopted by the city council. (Ord. 2039 § 5, 7-27-93; Ord. 2481 § 5, 7-23-02. 1990 Code § 8-21883.)

18.140.050 Accessory uses.

Reupholstery and furniture repair as an accessory use to retail furniture sales. (Ord. 2039 § 6, 7-27-93; Ord. 17-2016 § 23, 9-13-16. 1990 Code § 8-21884.)

18.140.060 Notes applicable to Chapter 18.140.

1    Term is defined in Chapter 18.25.

2    Term is elaborated on in North American Industry Classification System Manual1.

(Ord. 17-2016 § 24, 9-13-16.)