Chapter 2.46


2.46.010    Destruction of records without copying.

2.46.020    Destruction of records with copying.

2.46.010 Destruction of records without copying.

A.    Any head of a city department, after receiving the approval of the city council by resolution and the written consent of the city attorney, may destroy any city record, document, instrument, book or paper, under his or her charge, without making a copy thereof, after the same is no longer required.

B.    This section does not authorize the destruction of:

1.    Records effecting title to real property or liens thereon;

2.    Court records;

3.    Records required to be kept by statute;

4.    Records less than two years old; and

5.    The minutes, ordinances or resolutions of the city council or of a city board or commission. (Ord. 85-12 § 1 (part), 1985)

2.46.020 Destruction of records with copying.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 2.46.010, the city officer having custody of public records, documents, instruments, books and papers, may without the approval of the city council and the written consent of the city attorney, cause to be destroyed any and all such records, documents, instruments, books and papers, if all of the following conditions are complied with:

A.    The record, paper or document is photographed, microphotographed, or reproduced on film of a type approved for permanent photographic records by the National Bureau of Standards;

B.    The device used to reproduce such record, paper or document on film is one which accurately and legibly reproduces the original thereof in all details;

C.    The photographs, microphotographs, or other productions on film are made as accessible for public reference as the book records were;

D.    A true copy of archival quality of such film reproductions shall be kept in a safe and separate place for security purposes.

Provided, however, that no page of any record, paper or document shall be destroyed if any such page cannot be reproduced on film with full legibility. Every such unreproducible page shall be permanently preserved in a manner that will afford easy reference. (Ord. 85-12 § 1 (part), 1985)