Chapter 2.75


2.75.010    Short title.

2.75.020    Establishment.

2.75.030    Purpose and functions.

2.75.040    Qualifications.

2.75.050    Membership - appointment and terms.

2.75.060    Election of officers.

2.75.070    Rules and regulations.

2.75.080    Meetings.

2.75.090    Absences.

2.75.100    Annual report.

2.75.110    Compensation.

2.75.120    Disclosure requirements.

2.75.010 Short title.

This chapter shall be known as the “Parks and Recreation Commission Ordinance.”

(Ord. 2011-05, Added, 06/07/2011)

2.75.020 Establishment.

There is created and established a commission of the City to be known as the “Parks and Recreation Commission” and hereinafter called “Commission.”

(Ord. 2011-05, Added, 06/07/2011)

2.75.030 Purpose and functions.

A.    The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Commission is to act in an advisory capacity to the City Council, and make recommendations to the City Council on policy matters concerning parks and recreation issues.

B.    The Commission shall have the following powers and functions:

1.    To review and make recommendations to the City Council on policies pertaining to parks and recreation facilities, programs and services;

2.    To promote and represent the interests of the entire community relating to parks and recreation facilities, programs and services, avoiding any individual special interest focus;

3.    To advocate on behalf of and seek support for parks and recreation facilities, programs, and services;

4.    To help keep the residents of the community informed of parks and recreation facilities, programs and services;

5.    To communicate with the Director of Parks and Recreation Department on matters pertaining to facilities, programs and services;

6.    To review and comment on subdivisions and other development proposals in which land is proposed for dedication, credit for private open space as requested, projects on school lands or other significant park, creek, trail or open space where concerns exist; and

7.    To perform such duties as may be assigned by the City Council from time to time.

(Ord. 2011-05, Added, 06/07/2011)

2.75.040 Qualifications.

A.    City Council Members, when recommending or nominating persons to serve on the Commission, shall seek outstanding individuals whose commitment and talents will contribute to the purposes and functions of the Commission and who reflect the ethnic, geographic and gender diversity of the City.

B.    A person is not eligible to hold office on the Commission unless he or she is at the time of appointment, a resident and registered voter of the City. If, during his or her term of office, a Member of the Commission moves his or her residence outside the City limits, or ceases to be a registered voter of the City, such Member’s office shall immediately become vacant. This provision shall not apply to any Members in office at the time of adoption of this chapter.

C.    Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection B of this section, up to two (2) Members of the Commission may reside outside the City limits, but within the boundaries of the Galt Joint Union High School District.

(Ord. 2019-01, Amended, 02/19/2019; Ord. 2011-05, Added, 06/07/2011)

2.75.050 Membership - appointment and terms.

A.    The Commission shall consist of five (5) Members. Each Council Member shall appoint one (1) Commission Member whose term shall run concurrently with that of the Council Member so appointing.

B.    If the office of a Member of the Commission appointed by a Council Member becomes vacant, the appointing Council Member shall fill the vacancy by appointing a Commission Member whose term shall run concurrent with that of the appointing Council Member.

C.    The Members of the Commission serve at the pleasure of the City Council and may be removed from office by the vote of a majority of the Members of the City Council. No public hearing need be held prior to removal; however, a Member shall only be removed for good cause, as determined by the City Council.

(Ord. 2011-05, Added, 06/07/2011)

2.75.060 Election of officers.

At the first regular meeting of the Commission after January 1st of each year, the Members shall elect a Chair and a Vice Chair. In the absence or disability of the Chair and Vice Chair, the Commission shall designate a temporary Chair.

(Ord. 2011-05, Added, 06/07/2011)

2.75.070 Rules and regulations.

The Commission may adopt and amend, by the affirmative vote of a majority of its Members, rules and regulations for the conduct of the Commission’s business consistent with this chapter. Such rules and regulations shall be submitted to the City Council and shall not become effective until approved by the City Council.

(Ord. 2011-05, Added, 06/07/2011)

2.75.080 Meetings.

A.    The Commission shall endeavor to hold meetings at least once a month. All its meetings shall be held in accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act and shall be open to the public except as provided by law. Special meetings may be called by the Chair or a majority of the Commission.

B.    A quorum shall be a majority of the Commission. No action of the Commission shall be valid without the affirmative vote of at least three (3) Members.

C.    All meetings of the Commission shall be conducted in accordance with the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, unless the particular rule or matter is otherwise provided for by City ordinance or the Commission’s rules and regulations.

D.    A permanent change in the date and time of the regularly scheduled meetings of the Commission shall be submitted to the City Council for approval.

E.    The Commission shall keep a record, which shall be available for public inspection, of all of its resolutions, proceedings, and other actions.

(Ord. 2011-05, Added, 06/07/2011)

2.75.090 Absences.

In the event a Member has three (3) consecutive unexcused absences from regular meetings of the Commission, the City Council may declare the office of such Member vacant. The Secretary to the Commission shall advise the Mayor through the City Clerk of any Member with three (3) consecutive unexcused absences. The Chair of the Commission has the discretion to determine whether absences are excused or unexcused. Absences should be excused if due to situations such as illness, religious observances, family emergencies, work conflicts, and vacations.

(Ord. 2011-05, Added, 06/07/2011)

2.75.100 Annual report.

A.    The Commission shall submit an annual report to the City Council no later than September 1st of each year. The annual report shall provide a summary of the work or activities undertaken by the Commission during the prior year, work or activities planned for the upcoming year, and may include recommendations.

B.    Attendance records of Members shall be included as part of the annual report.

(Ord. 2011-05, Added, 06/07/2011)

2.75.110 Compensation.

Each Member of the Commission shall receive twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each meeting of the Commission which he/she attends.

(Ord. 2011-05, Added, 06/07/2011)

2.75.120 Disclosure requirements.

Members of the Commission shall be required to file annual statements of economic interest pursuant to the City’s conflict of interest code.

(Ord. 2011-05, Added, 06/07/2011)