Chapter 2.28


2.28.010    City clerk and city treasurer to be bonded.

2.28.020    Bonds for other officials.

2.28.030    Successors in office.

2.28.040    Master bond.

2.28.050    Temporary appointments.

2.28.060    Duty of city clerk to bond incumbents.

2.28.070    Premium payments.

2.28.010 City clerk and city treasurer to be bonded.

Pursuant to the requirements of Section 36518 of the Government Code of the state, the city clerk and the city treasurer, before entering upon the duties of their respective offices, shall each execute a bond. The penal sum of such respective bonds shall be as follows:

A. The official bond of the city clerk shall be in the penal sum or amount of ten thousand dollars.

B. The official bond of the city treasurer shall be in the penal sum or amount of two hundred thousand dollars. (Prior code § 2-5.01)

2.28.020 Bonds for other officials.

The council may by resolution from time to time determine the amounts of the official bonds of any and all other officers, agents and employees of the city. Subject to any changes which may be made by the council by resolution, all bonds posted by any agent, officer, or employee of the city prior to April 19, 1948, are approved and continued in their present amounts. (Prior code § 2-5.02)

2.28.030 Successors in office.

The successor to the office of city clerk or city treasurer shall execute a bond before entering the duties of his office as required by the provisions of Section 2.28.010. (Prior code § 2-5.03)

2.28.040 Master bond.

When deemed expedient by the council, a master official bond may be used with a schedule attached containing the names of the officers, agents, or employees required to give an official bond and the amount for which such person is bonded. (Prior code § 2-5.04)

2.28.050 Temporary appointments.

In the event a vacancy occurs in any office, agency, or employee-relationship wherein an official bond is required, any person temporarily appointed to fill such vacancy during the making of a permanent appointment thereto shall furnish an official bond in the same penalty as is prescribed for the office, agency, or position to which he is so temporarily assigned, but in such case his status as such temporary or acting officer, agent, or employee shall be shown in such bond. (Prior code § 2-5.05)

2.28.060 Duty of city clerk to bond incumbents.

It shall be the duty of the city clerk to take note of any change in any incumbencies of any of the offices, agencies, or employment for which bonds are required by the council and to see that the new incumbent, whether upon a permanent or temporary basis, furnishes the bond required by the council. (Prior code § 2-5.06)

2.28.070 Premium payments.

The premium or charge for all official bonds of all officers, agents, or employees of the city required to give such bond shall be paid by the city. (Prior code § 2-5.07)