Chapter 2.32


2.32.010    Created.

2.32.020    Membership.

2.32.030    Terms.

2.32.040    Vacancies.

2.32.050    Organization and meetings.

2.32.060    Functions.

2.32.070    Ex officio member.

2.32.080    Compensation.

2.32.010 Created.

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Council by Section 34291 of the Health and Safety Code of the state, there is created the Gardena housing commission. (Prior code § 12-2.01)

2.32.020 Membership.

The Gardena housing commission shall consist of five members. Each councilmember shall nominate one member who shall be appointed by the mayor subject to ratification by the council. All members shall be residents of the city, and at least two members shall be tenants of property owned or operated by the Gardena housing authority. One such tenant member shall be over sixty-two years of age if the authority has tenants over such age. (Prior code § 12-2.02)

2.32.030 Terms.

A. The term of office for each member of the housing commission shall be for a period of two years after the date of appointment or coterminus with the expiration of the actual tenure of the member of the council who nominated the commissioner, whichever occurs first.

B. Each member shall serve at the pleasure of the council, and such appointments may be terminated by a majority vote of the membership of the council.

C. All members shall serve until their respective successors are appointed.

D. Commissioners may be reappointed. (Ord. 1548 § 1, 1998: prior code § 12-2.03)

2.32.040 Vacancies.

A. If a vacancy shall occur on the Gardena housing commission, the vacancy shall be filled by nomination by the member of the council having the right of nomination and shall be for the remainder of the unexpired term.

B. If a tenant member ceases to be a tenant of the Gardena housing authority leaving less than two tenant members on the commission, he shall be disqualified as a member, and another tenant shall be appointed to fill the unexpired term. (Prior code § 12-2.04)

2.32.050 Organization and meetings.

The Gardena housing commission shall develop its own bylaws which shall set forth the organization of the commission. The commission shall hold at least one meeting each year within thirty days after the anniversary date of the first meeting of the commission. The commission may meet more often as desired by the commission or as requested by the council. (Prior code § 12-2.05)

2.32.060 Functions.

The functions of the Gardena housing commission shall be to review and make recommendations on all matters to come before the Gardena housing authority prior to authority action, except emergency matters and matters which the commission, by resolution, excludes from its review. (Prior code § 12-2.06)

2.32.070 Ex officio member.

To aid and assist the Gardena housing commission in its deliberations, the executive director of the Gardena housing authority, or his designated representative, shall serve as an ex officio member of the commission and shall have no voting power. (Prior code § 12-2.07)

2.32.080 Compensation.

Members of the Gardena housing commission shall receive no compensation. However, the members shall be reimbursed for any expense incurred in the performance of their duties. (Prior code § 12-2.08)