Chapter 2.64


2.64.010    Adoption of personnel system.

2.64.020    Personnel officer – Powers and duties.

2.64.030    Adoption of rules.

2.64.040    Political activities.

2.64.050    Discrimination.

2.64.060    Refusal to testify before Grand Jury.

2.64.070    Right to contract for special services.

2.64.080    Appropriation of funds.

2.64.010 Adoption of personnel system.

In order to establish an equitable and uniform procedure for dealing with personnel matters; to attract to municipal service the best and the most competent persons available; to assure that appointments and promotions of employees will be based on merit and fitness as determined by competitive tests; and to provide a reasonable degree of security for qualified employees, a personnel system is adopted. (Prior code § 2-7.01)

2.64.020 Personnel officer – Powers and duties.

There is created the position of personnel officer. The personnel officer shall be appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, the council. The duties of the personnel officer may be combined with those of any other office or position. If such duties are not combined with those of any other office or position, the personnel officer shall have had training or experience in personnel administration. The personnel officer shall have the following powers and duties:

A. Administer all the provisions of this chapter and of the personnel rules not specifically reserved to the council;

B. Prepare and recommend to the council revisions and amendments to the personnel rules. The city attorney shall approve the legality of such revisions and amendments prior to their submission to the council;

C. Under the direction of the council, prepare a position classification plan, including class specifications and revisions of the plan. The plan, and any revisions thereof, shall become effective upon approval of the council; and

D. Under the direction of the council, prepare a plan of compensation, and revisions thereof, covering all classifications in the competitive service. The plan and any revisions thereof shall become effective upon approval by the council. (Prior code § 2-7.02)

2.64.030 Adoption of rules.

Personnel rules, prepared by the personnel officer subject to the provisions of this chapter and to revision by the council, shall be adopted and may be amended from time to time by resolution of the council. The rules shall establish specific procedures and regulations governing the following phases of the personnel system:

A. The preparation, installation, revision and maintenance of a position classification plan covering all positions in the competitive service, including employment standards and qualifications for each class;

B. The preparation, revision, and administration of a plan of compensation directly correlated with the position classification plan, providing a rate or range of pay for each class;

C. Public announcement of all tests and the acceptance of applications for employment;

D. Preparation and the conduct of tests and the establishment and use of resulting employment lists containing names of persons eligible for appointment;

E. Certification and appointment of persons from employment lists and the making of temporary and emergency appointments;

F. Evaluation of employees during the probationary period;

G. Transfer, promotion, demotion, and reinstatement of employees in the competitive service;

H. Separation of employees from the city service through layoff, suspension and dismissal;

I. Standardization of hours of work, attendance and leave regulations, working conditions and the development of employee morale, welfare and training;

J. Suitable provisions for orderly and equitable presentations to the council by employees relating to general conditions of employment; and

K. Content, maintenance and use of personnel records and forms. (Prior code § 2-7.06)

2.64.040 Political activities.

All officers and employees of the city shall be prohibited from engaging in political activities during working hours. Subject to rules and regulations of the city, no person shall engage in political activities on the premises of the local agency, i.e., City Hall, police department, fire stations, and related areas.

No officer or employee of the city shall be permitted to solicit or receive political funds or contributions or promote the passage or defeat of a ballot measure during his working hours. This shall apply to any measure which would affect the rate of pay, hours of work, retirement, civil service, or other working conditions of officers or employees of the city. (Prior code § 2-7.15)

2.64.050 Discrimination.

No person employed by the city, or seeking admission thereto, shall be discriminated against because of political opinions or affiliations or because of race, sex, age, or religious beliefs or handicapped status. (Prior code § 2-7.16)

2.64.060 Refusal to testify before Grand Jury.

The refusal of any officer or employee of the city to testify under oath before any Grand Jury having jurisdiction over any then pending case or inquiry in which the investigation of governmental bribery or misconduct in public office is involved shall constitute good and sufficient grounds for the immediate discharge of such officer or employee. (Prior code § 2-7.18)

2.64.070 Right to contract for special services.

The council may contract with any qualified person or agency for the performance of such technical services as may be desired in the establishment of operation of the personnel system. The contract may include the delegation to the person or agency so retained of all or a part of the responsibilities and duties imposed in this chapter upon the personnel officer but shall not include the delegation of powers and duties vested in the council. (Prior code § 2-7.19)

2.64.080 Appropriation of funds.

The council shall appropriate such funds as are necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter. (Prior code § 2-7.20)