Chapter 9.48


9.48.010    Administrative processing fee.

9.48.020    Alternate method of collection.

9.48.010 Administrative processing fee.

A. The city shall recover an administrative processing fee from any person booked into or processed through the Gardena city jail in accordance with Government Code Sections 29550.1 and 29550.3.

B. The amount of the administrative processing fee shall be set by resolution of the city council.

C. The fee shall be recovered from all persons convicted of any criminal offense related to the arrest, regardless of whether it was the offense for which the person was originally booked. (Ord. 1519 § 1 (part), 1997)

9.48.020 Alternate method of collection.

If the convicted person fails to pay the administrative processing charge in accordance with a court order, the city may execute on the order in the manner provided for in Government Code Section 29550.1. (Ord. 1519 § 1 (part), 1997)