Chapter 10.48


10.48.010    –

10.48.090    Repealed by Ord. 1726.

10.48.100    Riding on sidewalks and roadways.

10.48.110    Riding on handlebars.

10.48.100 Riding on sidewalks and roadways.

No person shall ride, park, or leave a bicycle upon any sidewalk at any time in a business district. No person shall ride a bicycle on a sidewalk outside a business district except when, because of the very nature of the conditions on the roadway, it would be hazardous to ride in the roadway, at which time it would be permissible for a bicycle to be ridden on the sidewalk providing such would not endanger or hinder the movement of pedestrians thereon. (Ord. 1748 § 1, 2013: prior code § 3-1.10)

10.48.110 Riding on handlebars.

When upon the street, no operator of any bicycle shall carry any other person upon the handlebar or tank of any such vehicle, and no person shall so ride upon any such vehicle. (Prior code § 3-1.11)