Chapter 11.08


11.08.010    Definitions.

11.08.020    Management.

11.08.030    Permits.

11.08.040    Schedule of rates.

11.08.050    Overtime.

11.08.010 Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter, unless otherwise apparent from the context, certain words and phrases used in this chapter are defined as follows:

“Director” means the recreation director of the city.

“Park” means any park of the city and any part or facility thereof.

“Permit” means the written permission issued to an applicant by the recreation director in accordance with the provisions and regulations established by the council and any amendment or supplement to such permit.

“Permittee” means the person who has been granted a permit to use a recreation building or park, or any part or facility thereof.

“Person” means and includes, except where the context requires a different meaning, an individual, copartnership, joint venture, firm, unincorporated association, syndicate, club, society, trust and all private, political, charitable and social organizations doing business or existing under and by virtue of any law, as a corporation or otherwise.

“Recreation building” means any building or structure operated by the recreation department and any part or facility thereof. (Prior code § 8-7.101)

11.08.020 Management.

The recreation director is authorized and directed to supervise and manage the recreation buildings and parks and to issue permits for the use thereof in accordance with and subject always to the terms, conditions, regulations, limitations and restrictions established by the council. The director may authorize and direct an assistant to do and perform all or any part of his duties with respect to recreation buildings and parks, in which event however, the director shall remain responsible for the proper and efficient supervision and management of the recreation buildings and parks. (Prior code § 8-7.102)

11.08.030 Permits.

No person may use a recreation building and/or park without first having applied for and obtained a permit therefor from the director.

Permits for the use of a recreation building and/or park may be issued by the director only when a written application therefor, upon the form prescribed and provided for such purpose by the director, and duly executed by the applicant or his authorized agent, has been filed in the office of the director. Verbal applications shall be absolutely void and prohibited. (Prior code § 8-7.103)

11.08.040 Schedule of rates.

Basic Rental Rates. Any private person, group or organization who uses recreation facilities, including Primm Memorial Pool, shall pay a fee for such use in accordance with those rates established by resolution of the City Council. For purposes of this section, groups and organizations include Parallel Organizations (defined as other municipalities) as well as School and Civic Services groups. No charge shall be imposed for City sponsored or co-sponsored activities or for use by any City department, Commission or Board. (Ord. 1694 § 2 2007; Ord. 1672 § 2, 2005; Ord. 1634 § 1, 2003; Ord. 1619 § 2, 2001; Ord. 1565 § 2, 1999; Ord. 1547 § 9, 1998: prior code § 8-7.104)

11.08.050 Overtime.

For every hour, or fraction thereof, that a permittee shall occupy a recreation building, or any part or facility thereof, in excess of the time period specified in the application, an additional rental shall be charged in an amount by resolution of the city council. The payment of such additional rental shall be made prior to or at the time the scheduled period of occupancy shall have expired; otherwise city staff may shut off the lights and terminate the attraction involved. (Ord. 1547 § 10, 1998: prior code § 8-7.105)