Chapter 18.08


18.08.010    Zones established.

18.08.020    Zoning map.

18.08.030    Uncertainty of boundaries.

18.08.010 Zones established.

In order to carry out the purposes and provisions of this title, the city is divided into several zones, known as follows:


Single-family residential zone


Low-density multiple-family residential zone


Medium density multiple-family residential zone


High density multiple-family residential zone


Mixed use overlay


Commercial residential zone


Parking zone


Official zone


Business and professional office zone


Home business zone


Commercial zone


General commercial zone


Heavy commercial zone


Industrial zone


General industrial zone


Specific plan zones as follows:

Artesia Corridor Specific Plan

Ascot Village Specific Plan

Carnelian Specific Plan

Cottage Place Specific Plan

Emerald Square Specific Plan

Gardena Village Specific Plan

Normandie Estates Specific Plan

Normandie Place Specific Plan

Redondo Village Specific Plan

Platinum Row Specific Plan

(Ord. 1760 § 2, 2015: Ord. 1738 § 2, 2012; Ord. 1683 § 1, 2006; Urg. Ord. 1682; prior code § 10-3.401)

18.08.020 Zoning map.

The zones established by this chapter and the boundaries of such zones are shown upon a map which is made a part of this title and which is designated as the “official zoning map.” Such zoning map, for convenience, may be divided into parts, and each such part, for the purposes of more readily identifying areas within such zoning map, may be subdivided into units, and each such part and unit may be separately used for the purposes of amending the zoning map or for any official reference to the zoning map. Such map, and each such part and unit, and the notations, references and other information shown thereon, shall be as much a part of this chapter as if the matters and information set forth by such map were all fully described in this chapter. (Prior code § 10-3.402)

18.08.030 Uncertainty of boundaries.

Where uncertainty exists as to the boundary of any zone shown on the zoning maps, the following rules shall apply:

A. Street, Alley, or Lot Lines. Where the indicated zone boundaries are approximately street, alley or lot lines, such lines shall be construed to be the boundaries; otherwise such boundaries shall be determined by the use of the scale appearing on the zoning maps, unless specifically indicated by dimensions.

B. Determination by Commission. Where uncertainty exists, the commission, by written decision, shall determine the location of the zone boundary.

C. Vacated Streets or Alleys. Where a street or alley is officially vacated or abandoned, the zone boundary shall be changed so as to include such vacated or abandoned street or alley, or portion thereof, in the same zone as the adjoining property to which it reverts. (Prior code § 10-3.403)