Chapter 18.12


18.12.010    Single-family residential zone (R-1).

18.12.020    Uses permitted.

18.12.030    Uses permitted subject to a conditional use permit.

18.12.040    Uses prohibited.

18.12.050    Property development standards.

18.12.010 Single-family residential zone (R-1).

The R-1 single-family residential zone is intended as a low density residential district of single-family homes with one dwelling per lot and customary accessory buildings considered harmonious with low density residential development. (Prior code § 10-3.601)

18.12.020 Uses permitted.

The following uses shall be permitted in the R-1 zone and other such uses as the commission may deem to be similar to those listed and not detrimental to the public health, safety, and welfare:

A. Single-family dwellings and accessory buildings customary to such uses located on the same lot or parcel of land;

B. Home occupations subject to the provisions of Chapter 18.56;

C. Parks, playgrounds, and public buildings;

D. Family day care homes; provided, a large family day care home shall be permitted subject to approval of a home occupation permit pursuant to Chapter 18.56;

E. Mobile homes certified under the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974 (42 U.S.C. Section 5401 et seq.) on a foundation system, pursuant to Section 18551 of the Health and Safety Code of the state. Further, such mobile homes shall be occupied only as a residential use type and shall be subject to any and all property development standards of the zone;

F. Accessory dwelling unit, as defined in Section 18.04.163 and subject to property development standards set forth in Chapter 18.13;

G. Residential group facility;

H. Transitional housing, subject only to those restrictions that apply to other residential dwellings of the same type in this zone;

I. Supportive housing, subject only to those restrictions that apply to other residential dwellings of the same type in this zone. (Ord. 1778 § 2, 2017: Ord. 1737 § 15, 2012; Ord. 1640 § 3, 2003; prior code § 10-3.602)

18.12.030 Uses permitted subject to a conditional use permit.

The following uses may be permitted in the R-1 zone subject to the issuance of a conditional use permit pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 18.46:

A. Public and private schools, to and including the twelfth grade;

B. Church and related facilities. Related facilities do not include day care facilities, schools (kindergarten through twelfth grade), and rectories, convents, parsonages or minister’s residences;

C. Utility substations;

D. Convents and monasteries associated with religious orders of nuns or priests; and

E. Those uses permitted with a conditional use permit, pursuant to Section 18.46.030C. (Ord. 1737 § 3, 2012: Ord. 1683 § 1, 2006; Urg. Ord. 1682; Ord. 1640 § 4, 2003; Ord. 1550 § 2, 1998; Ord. 1527 § 1, 1997; prior code § 10-3.603)

18.12.040 Uses prohibited.

All uses not listed in Sections 18.12.020 and 18.12.030 are deemed to be expressly prohibited in the R-1 zone, except those determined to be similar pursuant to the provisions of Section 18.42.040. (Ord. 1738 § 5, 2012: prior code § 10-3.604)

18.12.050 Property development standards.

The property development standards set forth in this section shall apply to all land and buildings in the R-1 zone.

A. Lot Area. A minimum of five thousand square feet;

B. Lot Width.

1. A minimum of fifty feet for interior lots, and

2. A minimum of fifty-five feet for corner lots;

C. Lot Depth. A minimum of eighty feet;

D. Density. A maximum of one dwelling unit per lot, except for a second dwelling unit;

E. Dwelling Unit Size. A minimum of eight hundred square feet, excluding the garage;

F. Building Height. The maximum building height shall not exceed twenty-five feet and shall consist of not more than two stories;

G. Yards.

1. Front yard setback: twenty feet.

2. Side yard setback:

a. A minimum of five feet for interior lots, and

b. A minimum of ten feet for corner lots (street side only),

3. Rear yard setback: ten feet for new dwellings and additions and a minimum of five feet for existing single story dwelling units.

4. Accessory buildings: one-story accessory buildings may be constructed along the rear and side property line when located in the rear one-third of the lot. Garages fronting on public streets shall maintain a minimum twenty-foot yard setback. All garages shall be provided with garage doors and new front facing garages and replacement garage doors for front facing garages shall be sectional type doors.

5. No more than fifty percent of the front yard area, including driveways, shall be paved or otherwise covered with hardscaped materials. The remaining area shall be permanently landscaped with softscape materials and a permanent irrigation system shall be installed subject to city approval.

6. Driveways. No more than one driveway shall be allowed per parcel to a public street on parcels with less than one hundred feet frontage.

H. Distances between Buildings. A minimum of six feet between main and accessory buildings;

I. Lot coverage:

1. A maximum of fifty percent for interior lots, and

2. A maximum of seventy-five percent for corner lots;

J. Off-Street Parking. The provisions of Chapter 18.40 shall apply;

K. Signs. The provisions of Chapter 18.58 shall apply;

L. Fences, Hedges, and Walls. The provisions of Section 18.42.070 shall apply;

M. Swimming Pool Areas. The provisions of Section 18.42.090 shall apply;

N. Projections Permitted in Required Yards. The provisions of Section 18.42.100 shall apply;

O. Protection of Intersection Visibility. The provisions of Section 18.42.110 shall apply;

P. Repealed.

Q. All new structures and additions to existing structures shall demonstrate compliance with residential design guidelines set forth in Chapter 18.42. (Ord. 1778 § 3, 2017; Ord. 1738 § 27, 2012; Ord. 1737 § 4, 2012; Ord. 1683 § 1, 2006; Urg. Ord. 1682; Ord. 1640 §§ 5, 6, 2003)