Chapter 18.18


18.18.010    High density multiple-family residential zone (R-4).

18.18.020    Development standards.

    Prior ordinance history: Ordinances 587, 613, 657, 662, 739, 843, 930, 977, 1059, 1068, and 1191.

18.18.010 High density multiple-family residential zone (R-4).

All regulations governing this chapter shall be identical to Chapter 18.16, Medium Density Multiple-Family Residential Zone (R-3), except as specified herein. (Ord. 1737 § 8 (part), 2012: Ord. 1683 § 16, 2006; Urg. Ord. 1682; prior code § 10-3.901)

18.18.020 Development standards.

The development standards set forth herein shall apply and supersede any zoning code provision in this title to the contrary.

A. Density. For any project approved after August 1, 2012, the minimum permitted density shall be twenty units per acre for any residential development. This subsection shall not apply to the expansion of any existing use.

B. The maximum permitted density shall be as set forth in this subsection; fractional units shall be rounded upward if such fraction is at or above the five-tenths breakpoint:

1. Twenty-five units per acre for lots less than one-half acre;

2. Twenty-seven units per acre for lots between one-half acre and one acre; and

3. Thirty units per acre for lots greater than one acre.

C. Landscaping. The minimum landscaping requirement shall be four hundred sixty square feet.

D. Parking.

1. Tandem parking shall be allowed.

2. For senior or income restricted units: one off-street parking space for each one-bedroom or studio unit. (Ord. 1746 § 6, 2013; Ord. 1737 § 8 (part), 2012)