5.04.010:    Chief Of Fire Department

5.04.020:    Chief And Deputies; Enforcement Duties

5.04.030:    Interference With Fire Apparatus; Hydrants


A.    Office Established: The office of the chief of the fire department, or fire chief, is created and established.

B.    Appointment; Compensation:

1.    The chief of the fire department shall be nominated by the members of the volunteer fire department. The city manager shall appoint a fire chief. The fire chief shall hold office at the pleasure of the city manager.

2.    The city council may also fix the compensation of the chief of the fire department.

C.    Act As Ex Officio Fire Marshal: If no appointment is made to the office of fire marshal, the chief of the fire department shall be ex officio fire marshal and shall perform all the duties of such fire marshal. (Ord. 2010-61, 2-16-2010)


It shall be the duty of the chief of the fire department and/or fire marshal to enforce the provisions of this chapter and all other city ordinances for fire protection or fire prevention, to report to the city council any conditions existing within the city limits likely to cause destruction of life or property by fire and make recommendations to the city council how to remedy these conditions. (Ord. 2010-61, 2-16-2010)


A.    Driving And Parking In Vicinity Of Fire: It is unlawful for any person, other than the members of the fire department or police department to drive or park any vehicle within five hundred feet (500’) of the location of any fire to which the fire department has been summoned; provided however, that all persons shall have reasonable opportunity to drive out of the area affected thereby, and while so driving out shall not be deemed to be in violation hereof. There is also excepted from the operation hereof any ambulance or person entering the area affected hereby for the purpose of saving life or property or preventing or relieving injury to persons.

B.    Hydrants:

1.    Tapping Or Opening: It is unlawful for any person to break, tap, open or in any way damage any fire hydrant, water main, pipe, conduit, or reservoir of the city, without permission to do so from the public works director.

2.    Water Use: It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to draw or take, or cause to be drawn or taken, any water from any fire hydrant, water main, pipe, conduit or reservoir, or cause any water to flow therefrom, without first obtaining a permit in writing from the public works director; provided however, that the provisions of this section shall not apply to city officers or employees when taking water from any such hydrant, water main, or pipe, conduit or reservoir for municipal purposes or to users of such water in the regular course of emergency services. (Ord. 2010-61, 2-16-2010)