5.40.010    Sales Permit; Temporary Stands

5.40.020    Restrictions On Sale

5.40.030    Fire Extinguisher Required

5.40.040    Dates For Selling


A.    Council Authority: The city council shall have the authority by resolution or minute order to grant annual permits for the sale of fireworks from a temporary stand upon written application therefor, to any charitable, civic, or patriotic group or organization.

B.    Conditions Of Application And Permit; Fee:

1.    Such application shall specifically identify the contemplated location of the proposed stand.

2.    Any permit issued by the council may contain reasonable conditions and use restrictions. All persons selling or offering to sell fireworks from any such stand shall abide by the conditions and restrictions imposed by the city council in granting the permit, and shall take all necessary precautions to prevent fire and/or any other potential harm or danger to the general public associated with fireworks from occurring. (1972 Code § 9.16.030)

3.    No person shall light or cause to be lighted any fireworks or other combustible article within the confines of any such stand or within one hundred feet (100’) thereof. (1972 Code § 9.16.030; amd. 2003 Code)

4.    Each application for any such permit shall be accompanied by a filing fee made payable to the city in the amount as established by a resolution of the city council. (1972 Code § 9.16.030)


No person shall sell or offer for sale any fireworks within the city, except in a temporary stand or structure used for display and sale of fireworks operated and maintained by a recognized charitable, civic, or patriotic group or organization with the permit of the city. (1972 Code § 9.16.010; amd. 2003 Code)


There shall be maintained in each temporary stand within which fireworks are sold or offered for sale a fire extinguisher at least rated 10A with current inspection tag. (1972 Code § 9.16.040; amd. 2003 Code)


No fireworks shall be sold or offered for sale within the city except during the period of twelve o’clock (12:00) noon on June 28 through twelve o’clock (12:00) noon on July 6 of the same calendar year. Notwithstanding, the city council shall retain the discretion to allow for the sale of fireworks within the city on additional dates when such sales are an appropriate part of a local, state or national event, when the state fire marshal has authorized the sale of such fireworks, and when the city’s fire marshal has determined that such sales do not pose a threat to the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Gonzales when performed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. (1972 Code § 9.16.050)