6.04.010    Law Enforcement Officers’ Training

6.04.020    Lost Or Unclaimed Property


A.    Declaration To Receive Aid: The city council declares that it desires to qualify to receive aid from the state under the provisions of California Penal Code section 13522 et seq. (1972 Code § 2.28.010)

B.    Compliance With State Standards: Pursuant to California Penal Code section 13522, the city, while receiving aid from the state pursuant to said statute, will adhere to the standards for recruitment and training established by the California commission on peace officer standards and training. (1972 Code § 2.28.020)


A.    Custody: All lost, abandoned, or unclaimed personal property, other than live animals, coming into the possession of the city or any officer or department thereof shall immediately be turned over to the custody of the police department. Such personal property shall be held by the police department for a period of at least six (6) months unless sooner claimed and restored. (1972 Code § 9.40.010)

B.    Claiming Prior To Sale Or Destruction: If, at any time prior to the sale or destruction thereof as hereinafter provided, any such property is claimed by any person who establishes his right to the possession thereof to the satisfaction of the chief of police or his authorized deputy in charge of such property, such personal property shall be delivered to such person, provided the person shall first pay to the police department the reasonable cost of the city of holding, protecting, and returning said property. (1972 Code § 9.40.020)

C.    Sale At Public Auction:

1.    Sale Authorized:

a.    If any such property shall remain unclaimed and unrestored for at least six (6) months, the property shall be sold at public auction to the highest bidder at such time or times as the chief of police shall determine.

b.    Such auctions shall be conducted by the chief of police or by any agent appointed by him for that purpose.

c.    Such property may be sold separately or in such lot or lots as the auctioneer may determine.

d.    The purchaser at such auction sale shall take a clear title to the property purchased free of any equity or redemption. (1972 Code § 9.40.030)

2.    Notice Of Auction Sale: Notice of each such auction sale shall be given by the chief of police at least five (5) days and not more that twenty (20) days before the time fixed therefor, by publication at least once in a newspaper of general circulation in the city. (1972 Code § 9.40.030; amd. 2003 Code)

D.    Disposal Of Unsold Property: If any such property shall be so offered for sale at such public auction as herein provided and shall not be sold, such property shall be destroyed by the chief of police, or disposed of as directed by the city council. (1972 Code § 9.40.040)

E.    False Information: It is unlawful for any person required by any provision of this section to furnish any such report, to furnish in such report any false or fictitious address, or any other address other than a true address or intended address, or to furnish in making any such report any false, untrue, or misleading information or statement relating to any information required by any provision of this section to be made or furnished. (1972 Code § 9.40.050)

F.    Dispute: In the event of any dispute regarding the administration or application of this section, appeal may be made to the city council and the city council shall thereupon settle such dispute. (1972 Code § 9.40.060)

G.    Disposal Of Proceeds: All monies collected hereunder shall be placed in the general fund of the city. (1972 Code § 9.40.070)