7.20.010    Animals Running At Large

7.20.020    Unlawful Activities Of Animals

7.20.030    Impounding Of Animals

7.20.040    Destruction Of Unredeemed Animals

7.20.050    Notice Of Impoundment To Owner

7.20.060    Fees And Charges

7.20.070    Spaying Or Neutering Of Adopted Animals


It is unlawful for any person owning or having charge, care or control of any animal, domestic or wild, including dogs and cats, whether licensed and vaccinated, to suffer or permit such animal to run at large within the city. An animal shall be deemed to run "at large", within the meaning of this section, unless it is led or restrained by appropriate means, or actually held by some person, or attached by some means to a stationary object, or is on the property of its owner and is prohibited in some manner from leaving that property except under the direct control of the owner. A violation of this section is an infraction. (1972 Code § 7.20.008)


It is unlawful for any person owning or having under his/her control any animal, to permit, or through failure to exercise due care, to allow said animal to damage or destroy plants or property of another person or entity or to defecate, urinate or commit a nuisance on public property, including sidewalks and parks, or the improved private property of another person. A violation of this section is an infraction. (1972 Code § 7.20.009)


It shall be the duty of the animal control officer to seize and impound any animal found running at large in violation of the provisions of section 7.08.010, 7.08.020 or 7.16.030 of this title. (1972 Code § 7.20.010)


A.    Destruction Or Placement With Others: All animals, including dogs and cats, impounded and not reclaimed or redeemed within seventy two (72) hours, may be destroyed in some humane manner by the animal control officer, or he/she may, after such animal is impounded for seventy two (72) hours, place the same with some responsible person and convey valid title thereto.

B.    Ill Or Injured Animal: Any animal deemed seriously injured or ill by the animal control officer may be destroyed prior to the expiration of the seventy two (72) hour period in order to prevent the animal’s further suffering. (1972 Code § 7.20.020)


A.    Impoundment By Individuals:

1.    Every person taking up any stray animal or such animal which is running at large contrary to the provisions of this title shall, within eight (8) hours thereafter, give notice to the animal control officer of:

a.    The fact that he/she has such animal in his/her possession.

b.    A complete description of such animal.

c.    The license number of such animal, if any, issued by county or city. If such animal has no license, such person shall so state.

d.    The place where such animal is confined.

2.    Every such person and any such person in whose custody such animal may, in the meantime, be placed, may deliver such animal to the shelter without fee or charge. The animal control officer shall thereupon hold and dispose of such animal in the same manner as though such animal had been found at large and impounded by him/her.

B.    Notice To Owner: The animal control officer shall, immediately upon the impoundment of an animal, make every reasonable effort to notify the owner of any such impounded animal, and inform such owner of the conditions whereby he/she may regain custody of such animal. The owner of any animal wearing a valid license shall be notified, either in person or by written notice, properly addressed to the known owner, deposited in the mail postage prepaid. (1972 Code § 7.20.021)


A.    Fees Imposed: Fees and charges are imposed for the impoundment, vaccination, care and feeding of animals at the animal control shelter, and for the redemption of animals impounded or otherwise taken into the custody or control of the animal control officer.

B.    Schedule Set By Resolution: The city council shall by resolution establish, and may from time to time amend, a schedule of such fees and charges, which in each case shall constitute a debt from the owner of the animal to the city and which must be paid at the time said animal is redeemed by the owner.

C.    Reimbursement Of Additional City Costs: In addition, owners of animals shall be obligated to and shall reimburse the city for all costs reasonably incurred by the animal control officer in connection with the transportation, care and feeding of animals while in his/her custody or control to the extent that such costs are not provided for in said schedule. (1972 Code § 7.20.030)


A.    Agreement In Writing: Every person who seeks to acquire an animal by adoption from the animal shelter shall first agree in writing to have said animal spayed or neutered on or before a date to be specified in said agreement by the keeper of the animal shelter.

B.    Time Limit: After taking possession of said animal by adoption, each such person shall have said animal spayed or neutered on or before the date so specified.

C.    Certificate Required: A certificate endorsed by a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine attesting to said spaying or neutering shall constitute prima facie evidence of compliance with said agreement and this section. (1972 Code § 7.20.040)