12.12.010:    City Clerk

12.12.020:    City Engineer/Public Works Director

12.12.030:    Building Official/Fire Marshal

12.12.040:    Police Chief

12.12.050:    City Manager

12.12.060:    Planning Commission

12.12.070:    City Council

12.12.080:    Planning Director

12.12.010 CITY CLERK:

The city clerk shall set hearings and give notices for appeals to be heard by the city council. (Ord. 2000-03, 8-7-2000)


The city engineer/public works director shall:

A.    Prescribe standards for driveway construction.

B.    Prescribe standards for surfacing and draining of parking lots.

C.    Determine correct traffic flow markings for parking lots. (Ord. 2000-03, 8-7-2000)


The building official/fire marshal shall:

A.    Determine estimated cost to replace nonconforming buildings.

B.    Determine the value of destroyed nonconforming buildings.

C.    Determine applications for exception from enclosure requirements for swimming pools.

D.    Enforce all regulations regarding enclosure of swimming pools.

E.    Determine when a structure poses an imminent safety hazard. (Ord. 2000-03, 8-7-2000)

12.12.040 POLICE CHIEF:

The police chief shall issue permits for signs in conjunction with issuance of special events permits. (Ord. 2000-03, 8-7-2000)

12.12.050 CITY MANAGER:

The city manager shall hold administrative hearings or designate a hearing officer for such hearings as provided by this title. (Ord. 2000-03, 8-7-2000)


The planning commission:

A.    May initiate general plan amendments and specific plans or amendments.

B.    Hears and recommends all proposals for adoption and amendment of the general plan.

C.    Hears and recommends all proposals for adoption and amendment of specific plans.

D.    May initiate zone changes and amendments to this title.

E.    Hears and recommends proposals for zone changes, prezonings, and amendments to this title, including those referred to it by the city council.

F.    Determines whether to hear applications for rezoning made within one year of a similar application.

G.    Determines variance applications.

H.    Determines conditional use permit applications.

I.    Determines time extension when it would have had the power to grant the original approval.

J.    Determines matters referred to it by the planning director.

K.    Hears appeals from decisions of the planning director. (Ord. 2000-03, 8-7-2000)

L.    Determines when permitted deviations from the standards of this title shall apply. (Ord. 2001-13, 11-19-2001)

M.    Performs any functions required by statute or ordinance but not specifically assigned by this title.

N.    Determines whether a nonconforming use is no longer lawful.

O.    Determine and issue zoning approval for minor subdivisions of land consisting of four (4) lots or less. (Ord. 2000-03, 8-7-2000)

12.12.070 CITY COUNCIL:

The city council:

A.    May initiate and refer general plan amendments and specific plans or amendments to the planning commission for recommendation.

B.    Hears and determines planning commission recommendations for the adoption or amendment of the general plan or any specific plans.

C.    Adopts ordinances.

D.    May initiate and refer zone changes and amendments to this title to the planning commission for recommendation. Nonsubstantive ordinance amendments may, but need not be, referred to the planning commission.

E.    Hears appeals from the decisions of the planning commission.

F.    Determines applications for permits for signs on public property, including, but not limited to, community oriented bulletin boards and kiosks. (Ord. 2000-03, 8-7-2000)


The planning director:

A.    Prescribes all forms and contents of applications.

B.    Keeps all records of the planning commission, project review committee, planning director and planning department work, except records transmitted to the city council and retained by the city clerk.

C.    Investigates applications.

D.    Gives all notices except notices of proceedings of the city council.

E.    Prepares project review committee and planning commission agendas, sets project review committee and planning commission hearing dates (subject to the requirements of this title) and establishes filing deadlines.

F.    Issues permits for site plan approval, home occupations, game machines and game arcades as provided for by this title.

G.    Determines revocations or modifications of site plan approvals, home occupation permits, game machines and game arcades.

H.    May refer any matter assigned by ordinance to the planning commission for decision.

I.    Determines applications for sign approval when action is not required of the council or planning commission.

J.    Where action is based on an application or notice of appeal, prepares a written notification of all determinations, except determinations by the council, and sends the notifications to all applicants and appellants.

K.    Prepares and sends notifications required by statute to the county assessor.

L.    Notifies applicants of hearings.

M.    Corrects the zoning map.

N.    Reviews applications for construction permits for ordinance compliance.

O.    Determines parking requirements for uses whose parking requirements are not specified.

P.    Chairs the project review committee.

Q.    Assists in the writing of ordinances.

R.    Determines whether lots have merged.

S.    Prepares written staff reports on project applications or other matters as required by this title or as directed by the city manager.

T.    Makes presentations to the planning commission, city council and other groups as required. (Ord. 2001-13, 11-19-2001)


See also section 12.04.130 of this title.