12.28.010:    Intent

12.28.020:    Procedure

12.28.030:    Findings Required

12.28.010 INTENT:

A use permit is intended to allow certain land uses, identified in this title, which have characteristics that may render them appropriate to some sites and situations, but not to others. They are subject to the following regulations of this chapter. (Ord. 2000-03, 8-7-2000)

12.28.020 PROCEDURE:

Upon application, the planning commission may approve, approve with conditions, or disapprove a use permit. The planning commission may impose such reasonable conditions as it deems appropriate, including, but not limited to, issues such as duration of activities, and dedications or improvements of public facilities, site, structure and landscaping features and design related to the findings specified below. In the event that the requirements of the California environmental quality act1 applicable to the use permit application cannot be satisfied within the time a decision on said application must be made in accordance with the permit streamlining act,2 and the applicant fails to consent to a continuance, the application shall be deemed denied by operation of law as of the date that the decision thereon would otherwise have had to be made hereunder. (Ord. 2000-03, 8-7-2000)


The following findings are required for a use permit and must be based on substantial evidence in view of the whole record:

A.    That the use is necessary or desirable in relation to the purposes and intent of the Gonzales general plan, zoning ordinance, and the economic, social and environmental status of the city;

B.    That the use will be properly related to other uses, transportation facilities, and other public facilities in the area, and will not cause undue environmental impacts relating to noise, odor, pollution, etc.; and

C.    That the use will not adversely affect the health or safety of persons living or working in the vicinity, or be materially detrimental to the public welfare of the city and its residents. (Ord. 2000-03, 8-7-2000)


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