13.08.010    Compliance With State And Local Regulations

13.08.020    Information On Map

13.08.030    Information In Statement

13.08.040    Public Hearings And Notices

13.08.050    Planning Commission Recommendations

13.08.060    City Council Review

13.08.070    Four Or Less Lots

13.08.080    Map Expiration Or Extension


Whenever tentative maps are required pursuant to the provisions of the subdivision map act,1 the form, content, certification, filing, processing, approval, conditional approval or disapproval thereof shall be in accordance with the provisions of that act and the provisions supplementary thereto set forth in this chapter, and any requirements concerning submittals developed by the city engineer and approval by the city council. (1972 Code § 16.08.010)


The tentative map shall contain the following information:

A.    The subdivision name or number, date, north point, scale and sufficient description to define the location and boundaries of the proposed subdivision.

B.    Name and address of record owner or owners of the subdivision.

C.    Name and address of the subdivider.

D.    Name, business address and number of the registered engineer or licensed surveyor who prepared the map of the subdivision, if any.

E.    Sufficient elevations or contours to determine the general slope of the land and the high and low points thereof.

F.    The locations, names, widths and approximate grades of all roads, streets, highways and ways in the proposed subdivision and along the boundaries thereof. (1972 Code § 16.08.040)

G.    The location and character of all existing or proposed public utility facilities or improvements in the subdivision or on the adjoining and contiguous highways, streets and ways.

H.    The approximate widths, location and purpose of all existing or proposed easements.

I.    Approximate lot layout and approximate dimensions of each lot, and each shall be numbered.

J.    The outline of any existing buildings to remain in place and their locations in relation to existing or proposed street and lot lines.

K.    Approximate location of all areas subject to inundation or storm water overflow and the location, width and direction of flow of all watercourses. (1972 Code § 16.08.040; amd. 2003 Code)


The statement to accompany map shall contain the following information:

A.    Existing use or uses of the property.

B.    Proposed use of the property. If property is proposed to be used for more than one purpose, the area, lots or lot proposed for each type of use shall be shown on the tentative map. (1972 Code § 16.08.050)

C.    Statement of the improvements and public utilities, including water supply, sewage disposal, storm water facilities and improvements proposed to be made or installed and of the time at which such improvements are proposed to be completed. (1972 Code § 16.08.050; amd. 2003 Code)

D.    Public areas proposed, if any.

E.    Tree planting proposed, if any.

F.    Restrictive covenants proposed, if any.

G.    Justification and reasons for any exceptions to provisions of this title. (1972 Code § 16.08.050)


A.    Review Of Map: Review of a proposed tentative map by the planning commission and the city council shall be at a public hearing.

B.    Notice By Publication: Whenever a public hearing is held pursuant to this title, notice of the time and place thereof, including a general description of the location of the subdivision, shall be given at least ten (10) days before the hearing. Such notice shall be given by publication once in a newspaper of general circulation published and circulated in the city.

C.    Notice To Adjacent Property Owners:

1.    In the case of subdivisions containing five (5) or more lots, notice shall be given to the owners of property within three hundred feet (300’) of the property which is the subject of the application. Notice may be given by any one of the following methods:

a.    Direct mailing to the owners.

b.    Posting of notice by the city staff on and off the site in the area where the project is to be located.

c.    Delivery of notice by means other than mail to the owners.

d.    Any other method reasonably calculated by the local agency to provide actual notice of the hearing.

2.    In the case of subdivisions containing four (4) or less lots, the city planning director may require notice in accordance with subsection C1 of this section if he or she determines that approval of the tentative map will constitute a substantial or significant deprivation of the property rights of other landowners. (1972 Code § 16.08.055)


A.    Commission Approval: The planning commission shall determine whether the tentative map is in conformity with the provisions of the subdivision map act and this title, and upon that basis, within thirty (30) days after the filing of the tentative map, recommend approval, conditional approval or disapproval of the same in writing. The thirty (30) day time period for planning commission consideration shall not begin to run until completion of the environmental review process.

B.    Dedication Of Open Areas, Public Sites: The planning commission may suggest to the subdivider the advisability of dedication of suitable areas for the parks, playgrounds and schools, and other public building sites that will be required for the use of the population which is intended to occupy the subdivision under the plan of proposed property uses therein. In all cases, the planning commission shall suggest to the subdivider such measures as will make an excellent residential, commercial or industrial development.

C.    Recommend Disapproval: The planning commission shall recommend disapproval of a tentative map when the only practical use which can be made of the property proposed to be subdivided is a use prohibited by ordinance or law or if the property is deemed unhealthful or unfit for human habitation or occupancy. (1972 Code § 16.08.060)


The city council shall hold a public hearing to review the proposed tentative map within thirty (30) days of its next regular meeting following the filing of the planning commission’s report. The city council shall approve, conditionally approve or disapprove the tentative map within such thirty (30) day period. (1972 Code § 16.08.075)

13.08.070 FOUR OR LESS LOTS:

A.    Filing: Two (2) copies of a tentative map of a proposed subdivision of any land into four (4) or less lots shall be filed with the city clerk. (1972 Code § 16.08.090)

B.    Form: The tentative map may be in any convenient form but shall be in ink, shall be signed by the subdivider and shall show the dimensions of the proposed lots or division of lots and any other information that may be deemed necessary by the city council and city engineer.

C.    Commission Recommendation: The planning commission shall recommend approval, conditional approval or disapproval of the tentative map. The planning commission shall determine whether the proposed subdivision is in conformity with the requirements of section 13.16.040 of this title relating to a waiver of a parcel map, whether the size and shape of the proposed lots are in general conformance to city requirements, and whether all of the proposed lots will have proper and sufficient access to a public street and to public utilities/improvements. (1972 Code § 16.08.090; amd. 2003 Code)

D.    Approval And Appeal Procedures: The procedure for approval, conditional approval or disapproval of, and the procedure for appeal of any action with respect to, a tentative map relating to a subdivision regulated by this section shall be the same as specified in the subdivision map act and in sections 13.08.050 and 13.08.060 of this chapter relating to subdivisions for which a tentative map is required pursuant to the provisions of the subdivision map act.

E.    Map: A final map need not be submitted; but a parcel map meeting the requirements of chapter 13.16 of this title and the subdivision map act shall be filed. (1972 Code § 16.08.090)


A.    Expiration: A tentative map shall expire twenty four (24) months from the date it was approved or conditionally approved, unless it is extended in accordance with the provisions of subsection B of this section. (1972 Code § 16.08.100)

B.    Extension:

1.    Upon application of the subdivider, filed prior to the expiration of an approved or conditionally approved tentative map, the time at which the map expires may be extended by the city council for a period or periods not exceeding a total of three (3) years. Such application shall be filed at least thirty (30) days, but not more than ninety (90) days, prior to the date of expiration, and shall state the reasons for the requested extension.

2.    The city council may approve, conditionally approve or deny the requested extension. In granting the extension, the city council may impose new conditions and may revise existing conditions.

3.    Prior to acting upon an application for extension, the city council may refer the application to the planning commission for recommendation and report. The planning commission shall report within forty five (45) days of the council’s referral. (1972 Code § 16.08.110)


Gov.C. § 66410 et seq.