Chapter 2.28


2.28.010    Title of ordinance.

2.28.020    Purpose.

2.28.030    Creation of commission--Membership.

2.28.040    Meetings.

2.28.050    Officers--duties.

2.28.060    Rules of commission.

2.28.070    Staff assistance.

2.28.080    Responsibility of commission.

2.28.090    Obligations of commission.

2.28.010 Title of ordinance:

This ordinance shall be known as the human relations ordinance of the city. (Ord. 142 §1, 1975).

2.28.020 Purpose.

The city council finds that tension and conflict among individuals and groups within the city based on race, religion or national origin is socially and economically destructive, foments strife and disorder, contributes to crime and juvenile delinquency, and imposes substantial financial burdens on the city and its residents. The purpose of this ordinance is to provide a means of actively dealing with such problems and to create an environment which will encourage and bring about mutual understanding and respect among all individuals and groups within the city. (Ord. 142 §2, 1975).

2.28.030 Creation of commission--Membership.

There is hereby created a human relations commission of the city. The commission shall consist of eleven members, or such greater or lesser number as may hereafter be determined by resolution of the city council, each of whom shall be a resident of the city. The members of said commission shall be appointed by the city council and shall serve without compensation for a term of four years, provided, however, that those first appointed shall classify themselves by lot so that their several terms shall expire as follows: three members on January 31, 1977; four members on January 31, 1978; and four members on January 31, 1979. Thereafter members shall continue in office for the terms for which they were appointed or until their successors are appointed and qualified. All appointments shall be subject to the right of the city council to remove any member whose removal has been recommended by a majority vote of commission members, and to remove any member who has been absent from more than one-half of the commission meetings held during any calendar year. (Ord. 142 §3, 1975).

2.28.040 Meetings.

The commission shall provide for holding regular meetings, provided, however, it shall hold at least one regular meeting quarterly. The hour, date and place of the holding of regular meetings shall be fixed by resolution of the commission and a copy of said resolution shall be filed with the city clerk. Six members of the commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, except that less than a quorum may adjourn from time to time. All meetings of the board, including, without limitation, regular, adjourned regular, and special meetings shall be called, noticed, held and conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Ralph M. Brown Act (commencing with Section 54950 of the Government Code). (Ord. 142 §4, 1975).

2.28.050 Officers--duties.

The commission shall elect by majority vote of its membership a chairman and a secretary. The chairman shall preside at all meetings, except that in the event of his absence the members present at a meeting shall elect a temporary chairman to preside at that meeting. The secretary shall cause to be kept minutes of the regular, adjourned regular, and special meetings of the commission and shall, as soon as possible after each meeting, cause a copy of the minutes to be forwarded to each member of the commission and to the city clerk. In the event of the absence of the secretary from a meeting, the chairman shall appoint a temporary secretary from among the membership for that meeting. (Ord. 142, §5, 1975).

2.28.060 Rules of commission:

The commission may adopt, amend or repeal, from time to time, such rules and regulations for the conduct of its meeting and affairs as may be required, provided, that nothing contained in said rules shall be inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 142, §6, 1975).

2.28.070 Staff assistance.

The city manager may, upon request of the commission, assign members of the city staff to assist and work with the commission and to conduct studies and develop relevant information on matters coming before it. (Ord. 142, §7, 1975).

2.28.080 Responsibility of commission:

It shall be the responsibility of the commission:

A.    To foster mutual respect and understanding among all racial, religious and nationality groups in the community;

B.    To make such studies in any field of human relationship in the community as in the judgment of the commission will aid in effectuating its general purposes;

C.    To inquire into incidents of tension and conflict among or between various racial, religious and nationality groups, and to take action by means of conciliation, conference, and persuasion to alleviate such tensions and conflict;

D.    To conduct and recommend such educational programs as in the judgment of the commission will increase goodwill among inhabitants of the community and open new opportunities into all phases of community life for all inhabitants. (Ord. 142 §8, 1975).

2.28.090 Obligations of commission:

The commission shall discharge the following obligations:

A.    To hold conferences, and other public meetings, in the interest of the constructive resolution of racial, religious and nationality group tensions and the prejudice and discrimination occasioned thereby;

B.    To issue such publications and reports of investigation as in its judgment will tend to effectuate the purposes of this chapter;

C.    To enlist the cooperation and participation of the various racial, religious and nationality groups, community organizations, industry and labor organizations, media or mass communication, fraternal and benevolent associations, and other groups in an educational campaign devoted to fostering among the diverse groups of the community, mutual esteem, justice and equity;

D.    To encourage and stimulate agencies under the jurisdiction of the local governing body which created the commission to take such action as will fulfill the purposes of this chapter;

E.    To submit an annual report to the governing body. (Ord. 142 §9, 1975).