Chapter 10.04


10.04.010    Definitions.

10.04.020    Obedience to traffic regulations

10.04.030    Signals and markings described by resolution.

10.04.040    Unauthorized signs--Display prohibited.

10.04.050    Parking.

10.04.060    Emergency vehicles--Exemptions.

10.04.070    Repairing or rebuilding vehicles on streets.

*    For statutory provisions on local regulation of traffic, see Vehicle Code §21100 et seq.; for provisions authorizing cities to place and maintain traffic-control devices, see Vehicle Code §21351 et seq.

10.04.010 Definitions.

Except as otherwise defined herein, the definition of any term used in this chapter is the definition of such term as it is defined and described in the Vehicle Code of the state of California and amendments thereto. (Ord. 9 §1, 1947).

10.04.020 Obedience to traffic regulations:

Officers of the police department or persons deputized by the chief of police shall have the power of enforcing the provisions of this chapter, and said officers are hereby authorized to direct all traffic by voice, hand or signal in conformance with traffic laws, provided, that in the event of fire or other emergency, police officers may direct traffic as conditions may require, notwithstanding the provisions of the traffic laws. It is unlawful for any person other than an officer of the police department (including regular and reserve officers and persons deputized by the chief of police) to direct or attempt to direct traffic by voice, hand or signal. (Ord. 170 §1, 1975: Ord. 9 §2, 1947).

10.04.030 Signals and markings described by resolution:

The city council may by resolution determine and designate the location of through highway and intersection stops, and the parking time limit within any designated area within the city. It is hereby authorized and directed to place, paint and maintain, and cause to be placed, painted, and maintained, the necessary signals, markings, or painted curbing in accordance with the Vehicle Code of California and amendments thereto. (Ord. 9 §3, 1947).

10.04.040 Unauthorized signs--Display prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person to place or maintain or to display any device other than an official warning or direction sign or signal erected under competent authority, upon or in view of a street, which purports to be, or is an imitation of, or resembles an official warning or direction sign or signal, or which attempts to direct the movement of traffic or the action of operators, and any such prohibited device shall be a public nuisance, and the chief of police may remove it, or cause it to be removed without notice. It is unlawful for any person willfully to deface, injure, move or interfere with any official warning or direction sign or signal. (Ord. 9 §6, 1947).

10.04.050 Parking.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 22503 of the Vehicle Code of California, angle parking shall be required of all vehicles stopped or parked on city streets and roadways, or portions thereof, which by resolution of the city council have been designated for angle parking. Right-hand parallel parking, in accordance with the provisions of Section 22502 of the Vehicle Code, shall be required on all other streets and roadways, or portions thereof, not specifically designated for angle parking. (Ord. 196 §1, 1977).

10.04.060 Emergencyvehicles--Exemptions.

The provisions of this chapter regulating the movement, parking and standing of vehicles shall not apply to emergency vehicles of any political subdivision of the state of California or of a public utility while the driver of any such vehicle is engaged in the necessary performance of public emergency duties. (Ord. 9 §13, 1947).

10.04.070 Repairing or rebuilding vehicles on streets:

Repairing, rebuilding or constructing any vehicle on any public street, highway or alley within the city, except to the extent that may be reasonably necessary temporarily to repair such vehicle in order to remove it from such street, highway, or alley, is hereby prohibited. Open flares shall be used for the purpose of attracting attention to barriers or obstructions within the roadway. (Ord. 9 §14, 1947).