Chapter 12.08


12.08.010    Street numbers designated.

12.08.020    Numbering of entranceways.

12.08.010 Street Numbers Designated:

The street numbers as indicated and shown upon that certain map prepared by the city engineer of the city and approved by the planning commission of said city, now on file with the city clerk, are hereby established and designated as the true and official street numbers of the city. The owner, occupant, or other person in control of a building with an entrance from a public street which does not have a number assigned to it on said map shall furnish to the city engineer a description map, and site plan of the property on which the building is located, and the city engineer shall thereupon designate the number for said building entrance. (Ord. 177 §1, 1975: Ord. 48 §1, 1953)

12.08.020 Numbering Of Entranceways:

All entrances from the public streets of the city to buildings shall be numbered. The designated street number of each fronting entrance to a building shall be placed in a conspicuous position over, upon, or adjacent to the front door or entranceway to such building; provided, that if there is more than one such fronting door or entranceway to a building, each such door or entranceway shall be so numbered. The figures used in such numbers shall be of a contrasting color, not less than two inches (2") in height, and shall be made of weatherproof or weather resistant material. (Ord. 177 §2, 1975: Ord. 48 §2, 1953)