Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    Short Title

13.04.020    Water System Established

13.04.030    Definitions

13.04.010 Short Title:

The ordinance codified in this title shall be known and may be cited as the GREENFIELD WATER ORDINANCE. (Ord. 35 §1, 1950)

13.04.020 Water Svstem Established:

The city will furnish a system, plant, works and undertaking used for and useful in obtaining, conserving and disposing of water for public and private uses, including all parts of the enterprise, all appurtenances to it, and lands, easements, rights in land, water rights, contract rights, franchises, and other water supply, storage and distribution facilities and equipment. (Ord. 35 §2, 1950)

13.04.030 Definitions.

For purposes of this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meaning given to them in this section, as follows:

A.    "City" means the city of Greenfield.

B.    "Council" means the city council of the city.

C.    "Construction water service" means water service and facilities rendered for uses of new construction where a water service has not previously existed.

D.    "Cross-connection" means any physical connection between the piping system from the city service and that of any other water supply that is not, or cannot be approved as safe and potable for human consumption, whereby water from the unapproved source may be forced or drawn into the city distribution mains.

E.    "Distribution mains" means water lines in streets, alleys and easements used for public and private fire protection and for general distribution of water.

F.    "Owner" means the person owning the fee, or the person in whose name the legal title to the property appears, by deed duly recorded in the county recorder’s office, or the person in possession of the property or buildings under claim of, or exercising acts of ownership over the same for himself, or as executor, administrator, guardian or trustee of the owner.

G.    "Person" means an individual or a company, association, copartnership or public or private corporation.

H.    "Premises" means a lot or parcel of real property under one ownership, except where there are well defined boundaries or partitions such as fences, hedges or other restrictions preventing the common use of the property by the several tenants, in which case each portion shall be termed separate premises. Apartment houses and office buildings may be classified as single premises.

I.    "Private fire protection service" means water service and facilities for building sprinkler systems, hydrants, hose reels and other facilities installed on private property for fire protection and the water available therefor.

J.    "Pbblic fire protection service" means the service and facilities of the entire water supply, storage and distribution system of the city, including the fire hydrants affixed thereto and the water available for fire protection, excepting house service connections and appurtenances thereto.

K.    "Regular water service" means water service and facilities rendered for normal domestic, commercial and industrial purposes on a permanent basis, and the water available therefor.

L.    "Service or service connection" means the pipeline and appurtenant facilities such as the curb stop, meter and meter box all used to extend water service from a distribution main to the premises. Where services are divided at the curb or property line to serve several customers, each such branch service shall be termed_a separate service.

M.    "Temporary water service" means water service and facilities rendered for uses of limited duration where a service connection already exists.

N.    "Water department" means the city council performing functions related to the city water service together with the water superintendent and billing clerk and other duly authorized representatives. (Ord. 307 §1 Exhibit A, 1985: Ord. 35 §§25-37, 1950).