Chapter 15.12


15.12.010    Moving permit required.

15.12.020    Application--Contents.

15.12.030    Moving notice.

15.12.040    Application--Approvalor disapproval.

15.12.050    Public hearing--Appeal.

15.12.060    Application--Rejection.

15.12.070    Application--Fee.

15.12.080    Application--Approval requirements.

15.12.010 Moving permit required:

No building or structure shall be moved to or relocated at any site location within the city, nor shall the public streets within the city be used therefor, without first securing a housemoving permit in the manner hereinafter provided. (Ord. 141 §1, 1974).

15.12.020 Application--Contents.

The owners of such a building or structure shall file an application with the building inspector, which said application shall be accompanied by the following information and materials:

A.    One copy of the floor plan of the building or structure to be moved, and any and all proposed additions or alterations thereto;

B.    A site plan of the building or structure as it will appear at the proposed site location, which said site plan shall show fences, walkways, paved areas, landscaping, and dimensions of all yards. Such site plan shall consist of one reproducible tracing and four white prints;

C.    Photographs of the building or structure which clearly show all elevations. Such photographs shall consist of at least one unretouched glossy print of each elevation of a size no smaller than three inches by four inches;

D.    Such other information and materials as the building inspector determines necessary for a complete consideration of the application. (Ord. 141 §2, 1974).

15.12.030 Moving notice.

The building inspector shall inspect the building or structure, and shall post a notice on the front and rear of the site location and on the front of the building or structure to be moved. Such notice shall have a title in letters not less than four inches in height: "MOVING NOTICE," and shall give the location and number and the name and address of the applicant desiring a permit to move same. (Ord. 141 §3(a), 1974).

15.12.040 Application--Approval or disapproval.

The building inspector shall submit such application and its accompanying materials and information, together with a report of his inspection of said building or structure, to a committee consisting of the building inspector, planning director, and one member of the planning commission who will be appointed by the chairman of said commission. Said committee shall make, or cause to be made, such additional investigation as it deems necessary, and shall approve or disapprove the application, with a unanimous vote being necessary for approval, but not until said notices as specified in Section 15.12.030 have been in place at least seventy-two hours, excluding Sundays and holidays. (Ord. 141 §3(b), 1974).

15.12.050 Public hearing--Appeal.

Applicant may appeal the committee’s decision to the city planning commission, which shall hold a public hearing on the application after mailing postcard notices to property owners and residents of property situated within three hundred feet of the proposed site at least five days prior to said public hearing. The city planning commission shall approve or disapprove the application. (Ord. 141 §4, 1974).

15.12.060 Application--Rejection.

A.    The committee, or city planning commission, as the case may be, shall not approve such application if it determines that:

1.    The building or structure is so dilapidated, defective, unsightly, or in such a condition of deterioration or disrepair, that its relocation at the proposed site would cause appreciable harm or be materially detrimental to the property or improvements in the district within a radius of three hundred feet from the proposed site, or

2.    The building or structure or its proposed use does not comply with the Greenfield zoning ordinance and other ordinances or resolutions of the city,

B.    The committee, or city planning commission, as the case may be, shall impose such terms and conditions upon its approval of such appiication as it deems reasonable and necessary to prevent the causing of appreciable harm or mate-. rial detriment to property or improvements in the district within a radius of three hundred feet from the proposed site and along the route the building or structure is to be moved, and to insure compliance with the Greenfield zoning ordinance and other ordinances and resolutions of the city. (Ord. 141 §5, 1974).

15.12.070 Application--Fee.

Applicant shall pay a twenty-five-dollar fee concurrently with the filing of the application with the building inspector, except that if any of the structures to be moved are located outside the corporate limits of the city, an additional five-dollar fee shall be required. If an appeal is taken to the city planning commission, an additional fee of twenty-five dollars shall be paid to the planning director upon the filing of the appeal. (Ord. 141 §6, 1974).

15.12.080 Application--Approval requirements.

No approval of any such application shall become effective, nor shall the building inspector grant such house-moving permit, until and unless:

A.    Applicant has agreed in writing to comply with committee or city planning commission terms and conditions;

B.    Applicant has filed with the city clerk a faithful performance bond in an amount and form approved by the city attorney, conditioned upon the faithful performance by applicant of the aforesaid terms and conditions;

C.    The person, firm, or corporation, moving and relocating such building or structure has filed with the city clerk public liability insurance covering its operations in moving and relocating said building or structure, with the city, its officers, boards, commissions, agents, and employees, as additional insureds, in an amount and form satisfactory to the city attorney. Said insurance shall contain a provision that written notice of any cancellation or reduction in coverage shall be delivered to the city clerk ten days in advance of the effective date thereof. (Ord. 141 §7, 1974).