Chapter 16.28


16.28.010    Filing--Fee.

16.28.015    Reimbursement of expenses.

16.28.020    Design and improvements.

16.28.030    Parcel map information.

16.28.040    Statements.

16.28.050    Filing and action on parcel map.

16.28.060    Lots--Previously recorded.

16.28.070    Partial width streets.

16.28.080    Panhandle lot subdivisions.

16.28.090    Action by planning commission.

16.28.100    Extension of time.

16.28.110    Appeal.

16.28.120    Recordation of map--Issuance of building permits.

16.28.130    Subdivision alternate.

16.28.010 Filing--Fee.

Where required by the provisions of this title, parcel maps, as set out in the Subdivision Map Act, shall be prepared and filed with the planning commission, together with a filing fee of five dollars per lot for division of any area, plus recording fee. (Ord. 311 §2(part), 1985: Ord. 98 §28 (1), 1966).

16.28.015 Reimbursement of expenses:

In addition to the basic processing fee specified in Section 16.28.010, an applicant for subdivision approval under this title shall reimburse the city for all expenses incurred by it in connection with the project, including but not limited to payments for engineering, planning, legal, consulting, and other similar services, and such reimbursement shall be a condition of approval of the tentative or parcel map for the project. At the time the application is filed the applicant shall execute a written agreement, in form satisfactory to the city, providing for such reimbursement and for an advance deposit of funds to be held by the city and applied to the payment of such costs and expenses as the same are incurred. (Ord. 345 §2, 1990).

16.28.020 Design and improvements:

Division of property by this section shall be governed as to design by Chapter 16.12 herein; and may be governed as to improvements in said Chapter 16.36. (Ord. 311 §2 (part), 1985: Ord. 98 §28 (2), 1966).

16.28.030 Parcel map information:

A legible tentative map drawn to scale and eighteen inches by twenty-six inches in size on tracing paper shall be prepared and submitted showing:

A.    Name, address and phone number of person filing the map: the name and tract number of proposed subdivision;

B.    Name and legal designation of tract or grant in which the subdivision is located and ties to adjoining streets;

C.    Any other data necessary for the intelligent interpretation of the various items and location of the points, line and areas shown, including: elevations where topography is a vital factor: centerlines of important watercourses; areas subject to flood, roads (accurately located), existing structures and dimensions. (Ord. 311 §2(part), 1985: Ord. 98 §28 (3), 1966).

16.28.040 Statements.

Accompanying the tentative map shall be the following: a statement by the subdivider as to drainage, surfacing or other required improvements to be constructed by him, and whether proposed roads, widening or street openings are offered for separate dedication, and if so, four copies of a preliminary title report on subject property shall be included. (Ord. 311 §2(part), 1985: Ord. 98 §28(4), 1966).

16.28.050 Filing and action on parcel map:

A statement regarding proposed improvements and one reproducible tracing and fifteen copies of the map shall be filed with the, city clerk at least five days prior to the time at which action by the subdivision review board is expected. The city clerk shall immediately transmit a copy of said map and accompanying data to each member of the planning commission, the health department and, if advisable, to each public utility serving the general area of the proposed minor subdivision. If the city engineer finds compliance with applicable sections and the parcel map to be technically correct, he shall endorse a statement on it attesting to his examination thereof, and shall present it to the planning commission for approval. Otherwise, he shall return it to the person who presented it, together with a written statement of the changes necessary to make it conform to the requirements of this title. The health department shall make a report on their approporiate areas concerning adequacy of lot size, sewerage and water facilities. Any utility company concerned may make a report to the committee as to the adequacy of the proposed easement. (Ord. 311 (part), 1985: Ord. 98 §29 (1), 1966).

16.28.060 Lots--Previously recorded.

Any lots created by an approved minor subdivision approved by the city shall eliminate any previously recorded lot lines which fall within said minor subdivision. (Ord. 311 §2 (part), 1985: Ord. 98 §29 (2), 1966).

16.28.070 Partial width streets:

Partial width streets may be approved by the planning commission when lot owners are not able to coordinate development on adjacent lots, but in no case shall such street be less than thirty feet of right-of-way and twenty feet of pavement. (Ord. 311 §2(part), 1985: Ord. 98 §29 (3), 1966).

16.28.080 Panhandle lot subdivisions:

For purposes of this chapter, a panhandle lot subdivision is one that contains one or more front lots having direct access to a public street and one or more rear lots that have only indirect access to such street by private road easement. All such subdivisions in the city are subject to the following requirements:

A.    Lots not fronting on a street of standard width shall be twenty percent larger than required by the zone in which the lot is located.

B.    Where two or more lots are served by a cornman access, the area of the lots shall not include the access.

C.    The original lot or parcel shall not have less area or width than is required by the zone in which the lot or parcel is located.

D.    Side-by-side driveways to access rear lots are not allowed. Access to such lots must be by a cornman or shared road easement.

E.    Where two or more lots share a common driveway, mutual easements and maintenance covenants shall be recorded.

F.    Specifications for road easements and driveway improvements are as follows:

1.    For a subdivision of two lots, a twenty-foot paved width in a twenty-four-foot easement;

2.    For a subdivision of three or four lots,a twenty-four-foot paved width in a thirty-foot easement;

3.    For a subdivision of from five to ten lots, a thirty-two-foot paved width in a forty-foot easement, with parking spaces on one side and a sidewalk on the other side; and

4.    For a subdivision of eleven or more lots, a public street is required.

G.    All driveways must be surfaced in accordance with the following minimum standards:

1.    Two inches of premix asphalt over four inches of aggregate base of Type A; or

2.    Six inches of concrete.

H.    Each dwelling unit must be provided with a guest parking space measuring not less than twenty by twenty feet when the lot on which it is located is more than sixty feet from a street with on-street parking; each such space must be located at least twenty-five feet from the nearest edge of a cornmon driveway or property line, unless otherwise approved by the fire chief.

I.    Except as otherwise provided in subsection J of this section, a turnaround area shall be provided at the end of each cornmon driveway for the use of fire trucks. The minimum radius of the turnaround area shall be subject to the review and approval of the fire chief and the director of public works.

J.    In lieu of the turnaround area required by subsection I of this section, a sprinkler system may be installed in each residential unit in the subdivision which is located more than one hundred fifty feet from the public street, or fire hydrants may be installed to provide fire protection for those units.

K.    Each dwelling unit must be served by separate sewer and water lines, if available, and by gas and electricity. Each such service line shall be shown on the submitted plot plan.

L.    A sign showing the address number of each residential unit in the subdivision must be installed on the public street on which the subdivision is located in order to assist operators of emergency vehicles in finding and identifying each such unit. The type and placement of such sign shall be subject to the approval of the planning director. Each individual unit also shall have its address number attached in clear view from the street or cornmon driveway on which it is located.

M.    All surface drainage water must drain to a natural waterway or to a public street by:

1.    Natural slope; or

2.    Fill dirt hauled in and compacted to city specifications; or

3.    By underground duct to the adjacent public street. Alternate proposals for the disposal of such water, including the use of on-site retention ponds, may be allowed only with the approval of the city engineer and the director of public works.

N.    All plot plans and documents submitted with an application shall be verified by the applicant.

O.    All tentative and final maps and all plot plans shall be submitted on a one-inch-equals-fifty-feet scale. (Ord. 324 §1, 1987: Ord. 311 §2(part), 1985: Ord. 98 §29 (4), 1966).

16.28.090 Action by planning commission:

Upon receipt of a parcel map the planning commission shall determine whether said map is in conformity with the requirements of this title and if so, it may approve said map when accompanied by offers of dedication, an agreement for the installation of improvements, performance and payment bonds or other security authorized by law, and title guaranty, which have been previously approved by the city council. (Ord. 311 §2 (part), 1985: Ord. 98 §29 (5), 1966).

16.28.100 Extension of time:

The time limits for acting and reporting on a minor subdivision, as provided in this chapter, may be extended upon mutual consent, in writing, of the person filing the map and the planning commission. No building permit may be issued prior to recording of the parcel map indicating the minor subdivision. (Ord. 311 §2(part), 1985: Ord. 180 §2, 1975: Ord. 98 §29(5), 1966).

16.28.110 Appeal.

A.    Appeal to the city council from the action of the planning commission must be made in writing by the applicant within fifteen days from the date of action of the planning commission. The city council shall render its decision on any appeal within thirty days after filing thereof. If the city council fails to act within the prescribed thirty days, the action of the planning commission shall be deemed as final, unless this time period is extended by mutual consent of the subdivider and the city council.

B.    Limitation of Approval. The approval or conditional approval of such map shall be valid for a period of one year from the date of the final action thereon. Such approval or conditional approval may be extended for a period not to exceed one additional year by the planning commission upon written request, providing such request is made prior to the expiration of the one year approval or conditional approval period.

C.    Exceptions. This chapter shall not apply to any land dedicated for cemetery purposes under the Health and Safety Code of the state. (Ord. 311 §2 (part), 1985: Ord. 98 §29 (7), 1966).

16.28.120 Recordation of map--Issuance of building permits.

After a parcel map has been approved, it shall be recorded by the city clerk. No building permit for property within a minor subdivision may be issued prior to the recording of the parcel map. (Ord. 311 §2 (part), 1985: Ord. 98 §30, 1966).

16.28.130 Subdivision alternate.

Nothing contained in this chapter shall prevent any owner from processing any division of land as a subdivision. (Ord. 311 §2(part), 1985: Ord. 98 §31, 1966).