Chapter 16-A.04


16-A.04.010    Citation and authority.

16-A.04.020    Purpose and intent.

16-A.04.030    Consistency.

16-A.04.040    Definitions.

16-A.04.050    Application.

16-A.04.010 Citation and authority.

The ordinance codified in this title is enacted pursuant to the authority granted by Chapter 4.5 (commencing with Section 66498.1) of Division 2 of Title 7 of the Government Code of the state (hereinafter referred to as the Vesting Tentative Map Statute), and may be cited as the Vesting Tentative Map Ordinance. (Ord. 309 §1 Exhibit A(part), 1985).

16-A.04.020 Purpose and intent.

It is the purpose of this title to establish procedures necessary for the implementation of the Vesting Tentative Map Statute, and to supplement the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act and the subdivision ordinance. Except as otherwise set forth in this title, the provisions of the subdivision ordinance shall apply to this title. The city council finds and determines that the regulations outlined in this title are necessary for the preservation of the public health, safety and general welfare, and for the promotion of orderly growth and development. (Ord. 309 §1 Exhibit A(part), 1985).

16-A.04.030 Consistency.

No land shall be subdivided and developed pursuant to a vesting tentative map for any purpose which is inconsistent with the general plan, or any applicable specific plan, or which is not permitted by the zoning ordinance or other applicable provisions of this code. (Ord. 309 §1 Exhibit A(part), 1985).

16-A.04.040 Definitions.

A.    For the purposes of this title, the following words and phrases shall.,have the meaning given in this section:

1.    "City" means the city of Greenfield.

2.    "City council" means the city council of the city.

3.    "General plan" means the general plan of the City.

4.    "Specific plan" means a plan authorized under the provisions of Title 7, Division 1, Article 8 of the Government Code, commencing with Section 65450.

5.    "Subdivision Map Act" means the state Subdivision Map Act set forth in Division 2, Title 7, of the Government Code, commencing with Section 66410.

6.    "Subdivision ordinance" means the subdivision ordinance of the city, codified as Title 16 of this code.

7.    "Vesting tentative map" means a tentative map for a residential subdivision, as defined in the subdivision ordinance, that shall have printed conspicuously on its face the words "Vest:Lng Tentative Map" at the time it is filed in accordance with Section 16-A.08.010, and is thereafter processed in accordance with the provisions of this title. For purposes of this title, references to "tentative map," include tentative parcel map, and references to "final map" include parcel maps.

8.    Zoning ordinance means the zoning ordinance of the city, codified as Title 17 of this code.

B.    All other definitions set forth in the subdivision ordinance are applicable to the ordinance codified in this title. (Ord. 309 §1 Exhibit A(part), 1985).

16-A.04.050 Application.

A.    This title shall apply only to residential developments. Whenever a provision of the Subdivision Map Act, as implemented and supplemented by the subdivision ordinance, requires the filing of a tentative map or tentative parcel map for a residential development, a vesting tentative map may instead be filed, in accordance with the provisions hereof.

B.    If a subdivider does not seek the rights conferred by the Vesting Tentative Map Statute, the filing of a vesting tentative map shall not be a prerequisite to any approval for any proposed subdivision, permit for construction or work preparatory to construction. (Ord. 309 §1 Exhibit A(part), 1985).