Chapter 17.02


17.02.010    Purpose

17.02.020    Authority

17.02.010 Purpose:

This title carries out the policies of the Greenfield general plan by classifying and regulating the uses of land and structures within the city, consistent with the general plan. This title is adopted to protect and to promote the public health, safety, comfort, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare of residents and businesses in the city. More specifically, the purposes of this title are to:

A.    Provide standards and guidelines for the orderly growth and development of the city that will assist in protecting the characteristics and community identity of Greenfield;

B.    Create a comprehensive and stable pattern of land uses upon which to plan transportation, water supply, sewerage and other public facilities and utilities;

C.    Conserve and protect the city’s natural features and historic and environmental resources;

D.    Minimize automobile congestion and promote pedestrian oriented development, safe and effective traffic circulation, and adequate parking facilities; and

E.    Ensure compatibility between residential and nonresidential development and land uses. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)

17.02.020 Authority:

This title is enacted based on the authority vested in the city of Greenfield by the state of California, including, but not limited to, article XI, section 7 of the state constitution; the planning and zoning law (Government Code section 65000 et seq.); the subdivision map act (California Government Code section 66410 et seq.); and the California environmental quality act (California Public Resources Code section 21000 et seq.). (Ord. 473 §3, 2007).