Chapter 17.90


17.90.010    Purpose

17.90.020    Allowed Use provisions

17.90.030    Development Standards

17.90.010 Purpose:

The purpose of this chapter is to regulate second dwelling units in residential zoning districts and on residential property consistent with state law1. Implementation of this chapter is intended to expand housing opportunities for low income and moderate income or elderly households by increasing the number of rental units available within existing neighborhoods while maintaining the primarily single-family residential character of the area. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)

17.90.020 Allowed Use Provisions:

Second dwelling units shall be allowed in all residential zoning districts in compliance with the development standards as set forth in section 17.90.030 of this chapter. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)

17.90.030 Development Standards:

Pursuant to Government Code section 65852.2, second units shall be permitted on single-family residential parcels by the planning director when the following conditions are met:

A.    Second units shall only be located on lots with an area of six thousand (6,000) square feet or larger.

B.    Second units shall be compatible with the architectural style, materials, and colors of the primary dwelling unit.

C.    No more than one second unit shall be allowed per parcel.

D.    The property owner shall reside on site at the time of applying for second unit approval. The property owner shall be responsible for landscape, site and structure maintenance and repair for the entire property.

E.    A second unit shall not exceed one thousand five hundred (1,500) square feet excluding garage area.

F.    A second unit shall not have more than three (3) bedrooms.

G.    The maximum building coverage, including a second unit, is the maximum lot coverage as set forth in this title for the underlying zoning district.

H.    Building setbacks for second units shall comply with all required building setbacks for the primary unit. Building setbacks for detached second units shall be the same as the underlying zoning district for front and street side yards, ten feet (10') from interior and rear yard property lines, with a minimum distance of ten feet (10') between structures. Roof overhangs into required setback areas shall be governed by chapter 17.64, "Yard Measurements And Projections", of this title.

I.    The maximum height of attached second units shall not exceed the height of the primary dwelling unit within the building envelope, while detached second units (or portions thereof) may not exceed sixteen feet (16') in the required yard area.

J.    No second unit may be sold separately from the primary dwelling unit. No further subdivision may occur on properties with second units unless each lot meets all requirements of zoning and subdivision ordinances.

K.    A second unit shall have one additional off street parking space for each bedroom in the second unit. Studio units shall have one off street parking space. The additional parking space(s) shall meet all the parking requirements of the underlying zoning district.

L.    In cases where a secondary or primary unit is located on an alley, pedestrian access from both the main unit and the second unit shall be provided to the front of the property.

M.    In cases where parking for secondary or primary units has access from an alley, the alley along the property shall be improved as a condition of approval consistent with standard city of Greenfield alleyway design and to the satisfaction of the building official. (Ord. 473 §3, 2007)


    Gov.C. §§65852.1 through 65852.2.