Chapter 18.04


18.04.010    Bedroom.

18.04.020    City.

18.04.030    Conditions of overcrowding.

18.04.040    Dwelling unit.

18.04.050    Reasonable methods for mitigating conditions of overcrowding.

18.04.060    Residential development.

18.04.070    School.

18.04.010 Bedroom.

"Bedroom" means any room designed for sleeping which has a closet. (Ord. 242 §1(part), 1981).

18.04.020 City.

"City" means the city of Greenfield. (Ord. 242 §1(part), 1981).

18.04.030 Conditions of overcrowding:

"Conditions of overcrowding" means that the total enrollment of a school exceeds the capacity of such school in accordance with standards established in the Education Code. (Ord. 242 §1(part), 1981).

18.04.040 Dwelling unit.

"Dwelling unit" means a building or portion thereof, or a mobile home, designed for residential occupation by one person or a group of two or more persons living together as a domestic unit. (Ord. 242 §1(part), 1981).

18.04.050 Reasonable methods for mitigating conditions of overcrowding.

"Reasonable methods for mitigating conditions of overcrowding" shall include, but are not limited to, concepts such as:

A.    Any agreements entered into by the affected school district which would alleviate conditions of overcrowding caused by new residential development;

B.    The use of relocatable structures, student transportation, and school boundary realignments;

C.    The use of available bond or state loan revenues to the extent authorized by law;

D.    The use of funds which could be available from the sale of surplus school district real property and funds available from other appropriate sources;

E.    The use of unappropriated district funds (including contingency funds) and the use of funds appropriated for building purposes;

F.    Agreements between a subdivider or other developer of residential developments whereby temporary-use buildings will be leased to or for the benefit of the school district. (Ord. 242 §1(part), 1981).

18.04.060 Residential development.

"Residential development" means a project containing residential dwellings, including mobile homes, of one or more units, or a division of land for the purpose of constructing one or more residential units. Residential development includes, but is not limited to, a preliminary or final development plan, a subdivision tentative or final map, a parcel map, a conditional use permit, a building permit, or any other discretionary permit for new residential use. (Ord. 242 §1(part), 1981).

18.04.070 School.

"School" means an elementary or high school operated by a school district within which the city lies. (Ord. 242 §1(part), 1981).