Chapter 20.06


20.06.010    Incentive And Bonus Grants

20.06.020    Type Of Development

20.06.030    Developer Requests

20.06.040    Requirements

20.06.050    Number Of Bonuses

20.06.010 Incentive And Bonus Grants:

The City shall grant the developer of a qualifying project a density bonus and at least one incentive unless the City makes a written finding that the additional incentive is not required in order to provide for affordable housing. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).

20.06.020 Type Of Development:

The qualifying project may be a sales or rental development, and may be single-family or multi-family development. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).

20.06.030 Developer Requests:

The developer may request a density bonus exceeding twenty five percent (25%). The excess bonus units shall constitute an incentive apart from the twenty five percent (25%) density bonus for a qualifying project. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).

20.06.040 Reguirements:

A developer who requests a density bonus of less than twenty five percent (25%) for a qualifying project will nevertheless be required to provide the minimum number of restricted units necessary to constitute a qualifying project. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997)

20.06.050 Number Of Bonuses:

A developer who agrees to construct both twenty percent (20%) low income units and ten percent (10%) very low income units shall be entitled to only one bonus density and at least one additional incentive, although the City may, at its discretion, grant more than one density bonus. (Ord. 398 §1, 1997).