Chapter 2.23


2.23.010    Created.

2.23.020    Bylaws.

2.23.030    Disbandment.

2.23.010 Created.

Notwithstanding the requirement to establish and maintain a planning commission, the city council may establish committees and commissions at its discretion to serve in advisory roles to support functions and purposes pertaining to design review including architectural, landscape and site plan review; pedestrian and bicycle transportation; parks and recreation facilities and programs; and other matters, including, but not limited to, capital improvement projects.  (Ord. C-2019-03 §2(Exh. A)(part), 2019).

2.23.020 Bylaws.

For each committee and commission, the city council shall adopt bylaws that state the purpose and function, membership, organization, duties, operations, general order and conduct of business, and any other provisions deemed pertinent to the purpose and function of the body.  (Ord. C-2019-03 §2(Exh. A)(part), 2019).

2.23.030 Disbandment.

The city council may disband any advisory committee or commission at its discretion pursuant to a majority vote of the city council.  (Ord. C-2019-03 §2(Exh. A)(part), 2019).