Chapter 2.32


2.32.010    Lost or abandoned property--Disposition.

2.32.020    Storage charges.

2.32.030    Sale--Notice.

2.32.040    Sale--Disposal of proceeds.

2.32.050    Disposition of unsold property.

*    For the statutory provisions regarding the appointment of the chief of police and other subordinate officers, see Gov. Code §36505.  For the statutory provisions relating to the disposition of lost or unclaimed property, see Civil Code §2080 et seq.

2.32.010 Lost or abandoned property--Disposition.

Under such regulations as may be prescribed from time to time by the city manager, the police department shall take charge of all lost or abandoned property which is turned in to the police department or which comes into the possession of the department in the course of its work, and shall keep such property for the purpose of restoring it to the person entitled thereto; provided, however, that if such property is unclaimed, it shall be disposed of in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.  (Ord. 7-63 §1, 1963).

2.32.020 Storage charges.

It shall be competent for the city manager to establish a schedule of storage charges, to be paid by the parties entitled to any property taken into the custody of the police department, for the necessary costs and disbursements incurred in caring for such property and locating the persons entitled thereto.  (Ord. 7-63 §2, 1963).

2.32.030 Sale--Notice.

Such unclaimed property shall be held by the police department for a period of at least six months, except that unclaimed bicycles shall be held for a period of at least three months.  After the property has been so held, or if the claimant refuses to pay the charges as prescribed, then the property may be sold in the following manner:  Notice of such sale shall be given by the chief of police at least five days before the time fixed therefor by publication once in a newspaper of general circulation published in the county.  A copy of the notice shall be posted at the City Hall during the publication period.  The notice shall set forth the time and place of the sale and shall generally describe the property to be sold.

At the time and place fixed for such sale, the property shall be sold at public auction by the chief of police or his nominee to the highest bidder in lawful money of the United States.  (Ord. 7-63 §3, 1963).

2.32.040 Sale--Disposal of proceeds.

The proceeds from such sale shall be turned in to the city treasurer and deposited in the general fund of the city after deducting the expenses of sale.  (Ord. 7-63 §4, 1963).

2.32.050 Disposition of unsold property.

Any property which remains unsold after the time fixed for the sale shall be disposed of in such manner as may be prescribed by the city manager.  (Ord. 7-63 §5, 1963).