Chapter 3.24


3.24.010    Purpose.

3.24.020    Definitions.

3.24.030    Fees--Established.

3.24.040    Fees--Payments and refunds.

3.24.050    Deposit of moneys.

*    Editor’s Note:  The fees required to be paid in this chapter are in addition to the building permit fee required by Chapter 14.04 of this code.

3.24.010 Purpose.

The city council declares that the fees required to be paid hereby are assessed pursuant to the taxing power of the city and solely for the purpose of producing revenue.  The continued increase in the development of dwelling units in the city with the attendant increase to the population of the city has created an urgency in that there are insufficient funds available for the increased demand for capital items required to serve the increasing population of the city.  (Ord. 5-72 §5, 1972).

3.24.020 Definitions.

A.    As used herein, “dwelling unit” includes each single family dwelling and each separate habitation unit of an apartment, duplex or multiple dwelling structure designated as a separate habitation for one or more persons although a part of the same building or structure.

B.    As used herein, “person” includes every person, firm or corporation constructing a dwelling unit itself or through the services of any employee, agent or independent contractor.  (Ord. 5-72 §3, 1972).

3.24.030 Fees--Established.

Every person constructing any new dwelling unit in the city shall pay to the city the fees as established by city council Resolution No. 2016-01 in the Development Impact Fee Nexus Study by Michael Baker International dated December 8, 2015, attached thereto as Exhibit “A.”  The capital outlay fees may be modified from time to time by a resolution of the city council pursuant to a public hearing.  (Ord. C-2016-01 §1, 2016:  Ord. 5-72 §1, 1972).

3.24.040 Fees--Payments and refunds.

Such fees shall be due and payable upon application to the city for a building permit for the construction of any such dwelling unit; provided, however, that there shall be a refund of such fees in the event the building permit is not approved, or is not used, for such construction.  (Ord. 5-72 §2, 1972).

3.24.050 Deposit of moneys.

All of the sums collected pursuant to this chapter shall be deposited in the capital outlay fund and shall be used solely for capital expenditures as needed.  (Ord. 5-72 §4, 1972).